Saudi paralyzed student completed his graduation from the hospital bed

At some point in life, everyone goes through a hard time. It is the way we tackle those hard times and stay focused on our goals that define who we really are. The confidence, the courage and the hope that we carry with us are the most important in our journey.

How was he paralyzed? An inspiring story is that of Abdul Rahman Adel Ibrahim Mughawi. The 20-year-old boy was involved in a horrible accident about six years ago as he was traveling in a car as a passenger. He has been a quadriplegic ever since the accident.

When the boy was brought in after the accident all his limbs were fully working but with time his condition deteriorated and he soon became paralyzed. His pains did not end there, soon his respiratory system also got affected and now he uses a ventilator to breathe.

He graduated from the hospital bed: All the difficulties in Abdul Rahman’s life did not stop him from achieving his goals and it is through his determination that he has graduated high school from his bed in the hospital. His family encouraged him to do things that were possible for a person with his condition.

His father says that they did things like reading out different books to develop his cognitive skills. It was through Abdul Rahman’s courage that all of this became possible. Abdul Rahman describes his incident himself.

His spinal cord is damaged: He says that the accident had injured his spinal cord which took away his ability to move all four limbs. His respiratory system also got affected which made him unable to breathe.

He is currently in the intensive care unit in Asir Central Hospital. He says that his main goals are his studies and treatment.  He completed his intermediate and secondary studies both from the hospital bed.

He has not given up his hope: Even with such a sensitive condition, Abdul Rahman says that he has not given up hope in recovering. He strives hard to achieve his goals and battles with his condition every day.  Ma Sha Allah! An inspirational figure for everyone out there!

Source: Arab News