An Ethiopian maid killed the daughter and injured the son of his employer

A tragic incident took place in Riyadh on Tuesday when an Ethiopian maid killed the daughter and injured the son of her employer. The daughter Nawal Qarni being 12 years old and Ali 14 years old were the victims of this incident.

She came to Riyadh 10 days ago: The housemaid had come to Riyadh 10 days ago to serve for the children, she previously worked at their grandmother’s house in another city. She came to Riyadh so that she could go home from Riyadh airport as her employment contract had expired.

Ali who survived the incident is severely wounded and currently being treated in the hospital. He described the incident to his family. The tragic incident took place at noon when both kids were alone at home with the maid. The mother was at work.

How did it happen? Ali says that the maid had started acting weird, talking to herself and crying so he and his sister left her alone and went to their rooms.  After a while, Ali heard his sister screaming. He went to her room to see the maid stabbing her.

He tried to stop her and the maid started stabbing him, being stabbed 14 times Ali ran to the bathroom and locked himself up. He called his mother and told her what was going on. Due to the severity of his wounds, Ali fainted after the phone call.

The mother called the police and civil defense which arrived at the scene moments later. Nawal was no more as she could not bear the wounds from the stabbing. The maid had locked herself in a room and was arrested immediately. Ali was transferred to King Khaled University Hospital where he is still being treated.

Why did she do it? What made the housemaid do such a horrific act still remains a question as the authorities investigate into the incident. The incident has left the whole Saudi community in tears and shock.

People have taken to social media to express their thoughts on the incident. Everyone was extremely heartbroken. Someone said that she had not killed one child but in fact killed all Saudi children with her horrific act.

People have had enough of the acts of violence committed by domestic workers. They say that precautions such as installing cameras must be taken to keep an eye on them and kids must not be left alone in the care of the workers. Their work must only be limited to doing chores of the house.

People also blamed the Ethiopians which became rather racist but some blamed the recruitment agencies because it is their job to recruit the right people with good mental health and not with criminal records.

Another problem pointed out by the people was that some people disrespect their servants and in return, the servants take out their rage on their kids. The servants must also be respected so that they respect the family and not keep things against you in their hearts.

Some people bashed at the mother for not being at home but others came to her aid by saying that not every domestic mistake is something that you can blame onto a woman. She is the one who is suffering the most at the moment.

What would happen to the maid? Well, the Kingdom has sentenced the domestic workers to death if guilty of murder. In 2015, Indonesian worker and her partner were beheaded for killing the wife of her employer.

Whatever punishment lays ahead for the maid; we all hope that we do not encounter any horrific incident like this in the future.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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