A 12-year-old Saudi boy committed suicide due to “Blue Whale” game

Children are addicted to Games: Children of the current era have become obsessed with games. Games, however, have become rather dangerous by being addictive and harmful. Some games have a negative effect on the personality of the child which then makes him do things which are immoral.

How does the Blue Whale Game work? A game based completely upon negativity is the ‘blue whale’. Many children and even adults have fallen victim to this game which eventually claimed their lives. The game has been banned but people still find a way to access it one way or the other.

The game is series of 50 challenges over 50 days that the player is required to complete. The game starts by linking the player with a virtual group of other players. Then tasks are given to the player, one for each day.

The proof that the task has been completed has to be given through pictures and then you can proceed to the next one. The player is not allowed to quit the game once he has started, the person trying to do so will be threatened with death.

The initial challenges are like waking up early then they start getting dangerous like drawing a whale on your skin and watching horror movies. The dangerous nature of the tasks keeps on elevating leading to the final challenge of giving up your life by hanging or jumping off a high building.

Abdul Rahman committed suicide: Many people became aware and stopped playing this game but some are still in the dark. A similar case is of a 12-year-old boy, Abdul Rahman who strangled himself to death in order to complete the final challenge given by the game.

The boy had not revealed that he was involved in playing this game but his friends had revealed to the officials that he was involved in some kind of challenge. The security officials are currently investigating the case when the incident of the death occurred.

His Father is in a Shock: The death of the young boy left his father, Saad Al-Ahmari in shock. He says that on the day that his son committed suicide, he was fasting. He broke his fast with his family and went to his room.

When the family started getting ready to go out they couldn’t find Abdul Rahman. They searched the house and even their neighbor’s only to find him hanging with the window curtain in his room, strangled to death.

He didn’t even have a mobile phone: The father told the media that Abdul Rahman was interested in playing football and electronic games and had a cheerful personality. He was also a very positive and religious child who prayed regularly. He did not own any smartphone and used the family’s computer to play games.

His father said that he was shocked to find out that his son was involved in playing this game and it had controlled him mentally. The family did not observe any change in the boy’s behavior.

Spread Awareness: Saad Al-Ahmari advised that the media should take steps to spread awareness against this game so that no other child would fall victim to this game again.

Abdullah Bin Fahd, a relative of the child tweeted about this incident and it went viral. He wanted to make people aware of the consequences of this game and for the parents to keep a close eye on their children and to counsel them about the dangers of this game.  

Source: Saudi Gazette

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