Saudi student died in a horrific accident on the way to pick up his medical degree

Deaths caused by Car Accidents in Saudi Arabia: As the roads are becoming bigger and smoother and the cars are faster and reliable, people have become reckless when driving. In Saudi Arabia, one of the major causes of death is car accidents. A recent study shows that on average a car accident happens every minute in Saudi Arabia.

In 2016, car accidents in Saudi Arabia claimed the lives of 9,000 people which is 12 percent of the total deaths to occur in the Gulf state in 2016. In 2017, the fatalities related to car accidents reduced to 7,000 but it is still a big number.

A heart-wrenching story of a car accident is of Dr. Abdulrahman Makeen. Makeen had recently completed his medical studies with distinction from the University of Jazan. He was on his way to pick up his degree when the accident occurred which took his life.

The officials of the University first announced the tragic death of Makeen and then further sent out their condolences to the depressed and shocked family of Makeen. The news then broke out on social media and people were heartbroken and speechless.

Cry of prayers left the hearts of people as they read out the news of the tragic incident. People sent out condolences to the family of Makeen and some spoke about the rising rate of car accidents in Saudi Arabia.

People said that car accidents in the country have risen to such a level that it seems as if we are at war. With such a high rate of accidents, it seems like no one in the country is safe. We bid farewell to our children, worrying about their safety on the road. It seems that the reckless drivers have no fear of the law.

2016 was recorded as the year with the highest number of traffic-related fatalities since 2007. We have observed that the rate of accidents has decreased as compared to 2016. The implementation of the electronic traffic management system, Saher has a lot to do with the decrease in the rate of car accidents.

The system has been accounted to reduce the severity of traffic accident injuries by 20 percent and mortality rate by 37.8 percent. The system is continuing to become better and more efficient, helping to make the roads a safer place.

Apart from the system, we must ourselves be careful when driving. We must abide by the laws of the traffic and be calm and patient. A lot can be prevented if every driver himself becomes responsible enough. Reckless driving must be penalized severely so that people should refrain from it.