Hala Al-Marwani: A girl with the courage to move mountains beaten by Cancer

The story of courage: The 22-year-old Hala Al-Marwani passed away after being beaten by cancer. The young girl had been fighting against cancer for the last 5 years of her life. What inspires us the most about Hala is the courage with which she fought against cancer and it is worth sharing?

Bone and Lung Cancer: Hala suffered from bone and lung cancer. She completed her university studies from home due to her sensitive health. She was known as an exceptionally courageous and patient person among her circle of family, friends and the supporters on social media.

Her Daily Diary: Hala Al- Marwani’s use to write a daily diary and her story of courage is perceived in her diary. The records from her diary tell us how she worked hard to support cancer patients and participated in career awareness campaigns that were held against the deadly disease.

She used to visit cancer-stricken patients at the hospital and they all became her attention and encouraged her to continue her campaign.

The moment she was diagnosed with Cancer: Many people lose their strength and courage once they are given the news of being diagnosed with cancer but Hala’s courage can be assessed from the incident when she was first diagnosed with bone cancer in her left leg.

At this point, she remained quiet and accepted the news with great patience and courage. Hala was a brilliant and strong girl who battled against something so dreadful like cancer.

She dedicated the rest of her life for cancer patients: Hala focused on spreading awareness among the cancer patients and their families by creating a network channel between them. She educated the patients about the disease from which they were suffering and the best way to tackle them.

She also spread awareness about the early diagnosis of cancer and how it can prove to be beneficial and effective in preventing it.

Hala had become popular on social media and among the masses of Madina because of her activism. She especially gave her best to help the amputated patients which gained her great support from the people.

The Cancer had become incurable:  Soon Hala was informed that cancer had spread from her left leg to her right leg and also to her lungs. The girl who was so active among the people of Madina, who gave everyone hope was broken down by cancer spreading through her body.

Eight months of chemo sessions and hospital visits did not prevent Hala from carrying out her campaign and helping the patients.

Hala has died but her courage will stay alive: Hala serves as a symbol of hope, courage, and bravery. People mourn her loss as she is no longer with us now. What a person she was! So calm and patient while fighting against cancer.

She gave others hope when all hope for her was lost. Her diary is an account of her happy and sad memories which will be remembered by her friends and family. She will always be remembered for her positive attitude in the face of hardship.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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