This Egyptian child bride dies on her wedding night

Child Marriages: Child marriage is a grave issue widespread in developing countries. Child marriage cases have been common in Egypt, especially in rural areas.

People often think that it is perfectly alright to get their daughters married without considering if they are physically and mentally ready for it.

Samah, the child bride died on her wedding night: Recently, a 17-year-old Egyptian bride lost her life on her wedding night. It has been identified that Samah the 17- year-old died due to a heart attack.

The village is located near the area of Egypt’s Al Dohliqiya Governorate so they were informed when Samah died.

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The Groom was questioned: The 28-year-old groom, Mahmoud J. was later questioned by the police. The investigation is still ongoing but so far the incident described is that Samah experienced the heart attack after the wedding ceremony was over and she and her husband went to their new home.

How did she die? The husband said that Samah was not feeling well since before the wedding. According to him, Samah had not eaten anything the whole day and she was suffering from a severe stomach ache.

She took some pills after which she said she felt a lot better and was able to get through the wedding.

Investigations continue as the police try to find out what actually happened to Samah. The reports from the coroner would determine the bride’s cause of death. Till then we can just wonder in distress what might have happened to Samah, a 17-year-old girl subjected to marriage.

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Another incident of death on marriage: Incidents like these have been somewhat common. Another such incident that became popular on the social media was the death of 22-year-old Jihad Omar Hamad in Menia, Egypt.

Jihad was celebrating on her marriage when suddenly she fainted, she was taken to the nearest hospital but died shortly after. The death was so abrupt and happened at such an event that the family was left in shock and the people upset.

Why don’t we ban child marriages? 117 countries in the world allow child marriages according to World Economic Forum. This is because there is no age restriction on marriage.

About 39,000 child marriages occur daily whereas, one out of every 3 girls are forced to marry before the age of 18 in developing countries.

This issue is important to be addressed and laws must be made which restrict the girls from getting married at such a young age which might prove fatal for them.