Labor Ministry bans dependents of expatriates from working on Engineering Jobs

Dependents of Expatriates: Perhaps the only benefit the children of expatriates had been enjoying by living in Saudi Arabia was to change their sponsorship to an employer after completing their education.

The expatriates used to send their dependents back to their home countries to complete the education and call them here to look for a job.

Engineering Jobs have been banned: The ministry of labor has banned the change of profession from a student or a dependent of an expatriate to an engineer. The following two types of transfer of sponsorship have been banned;

1-The ministry of labor has published on its Twitter account that “The transfer of services of a dependent expatriate engineer to establishments in the job title of ‘engineer' is currently not available.

2-Moreover, the expatriates who have been working under individual sponsors (not establishments) with engineering profession on their iqamas would not be allowed to transfer their sponsorship to the establishments and companies.

No Restriction on Transfer of Sponsorship: It should be noted that the transfer of sponsorship has not been banned for the people having any other profession on their iqama. They can easily transfer their sponsorship from one employer to another. As you can see from the below tweet that the ban was proposed a long time ago.

No More Expat Engineers: The above step of banning the children and dependents of expatriate workers from working on engineering jobs has been taken in continuation of an agreement made between the ministry of labor and the Saudi Council of Engineers.

According to that agreement, the ministry of labor had stopped the Saudi Council for Engineers from hiring engineers with less than 5 years of experience. We have also published it on our website with a title, No more Expat Engineers.

SCE Test: Moreover, it has also been agreed between the two parties that all the new engineers will have to pass a Test for Engineers to get the membership of the Saudi Council of Engineers which is a mandatory step to get an Iqama in Saudi Arabia.

Engineers' Statistics: According to the latest statistics, the council has a membership of 198,000 engineers consisting of Saudis (16 percent) and non-Saudis (84 percent). There are 166,535 non-Saudi engineers enrolled in the council against 31,466 Saudi engineers.

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