Male Sponsorship (Kafala) System is going to end soon – Princess Reema Al Saud

Women Empowerment in Saudi Arabia: The male guardianship laws in Saudi Arabia have been opposed greatly by the masses due to some rules that have restricted women in strange ways.

Women empowerment has reached new heights in Saudi Arabia as the Government has decided to implement a new economic strategy which requires the women to participate in the workforce.

Steps by the Saudi Government for Women Empowerment: Many small steps have been taken which encourage women to break out of the conventional ways and lead their life according to their will.

The biggest and most important development towards women empowerment was the lifting of the ban on women driving.  This was a big step forward and it has been appreciated by the masses all across the country apart from some extremists which thought that it was wrong.

Sponsorship System going to end soon: The Saudi Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud, executive vice president of the Saudi Sports authority says that women being allowed to drive is a step in the right direction. She says that this is more than the tip of the iceberg as she announced that the country’s Shoura Council has plans to end the male Kafala system

In an interview with the CNN, she said that the council is working towards the critical issue of male guardianship.  As a woman in the government, she says that her role is to highlight the issues women are facing and to approach the matter in a holistic manner rather than targeting an elite community.

Saudi Women Today: The princess thinks that women being allowed to drive means that they now have a start towards behaving professionally and operating independently.  Women all over the world contribute towards their country alongside men and the talented Saudi women are no less than the rest.

The days when the women in Saudi Arabia felt helpless due to their dependence on others and restrictions upon them due to guardianship laws are soon coming to an end.

It is expected that soon the women in Saudi Arabia will contribute more towards the workforce, breaking the barriers which have kept their talents at bay for so long.

Source: Al Arabiya