Man arrested in Makkah performing black magic inside the Holy site

Witchcraft: Magic spells, black magic or thing like these are considered as a crime and unacceptable in every society and anyone who performs these spells is always hated in the educated society.

Arrest: A few days ago, Saudi authorities ambushed a man and a woman who was his wife as they were caught performing witchcraft and black magic right in the middle of the Holy site of Makkah. Police confiscated all the materials they have with them.

Viral Video: Our public, as usual, was there to capture the scene on their smartphone and later it was uploaded on social media. The video is making rounds in the Kingdom and is being watched by many and is receiving different comments from the people.

One of the videos uploaded on the social media showed the spells that were done by the man and the authorities are trying to undo the spells by cutting and tearing the bound ropes.

The footage also showed the man being tackled on the ground by the policeman.  The authorities are investigating how he was able to enter the holy site and cast his witchcraft and prohibited deed there?

People hailed their policeman and authorities for being so active and quick in these cases. Others said it is wrong to upload such type of videos online. While there were some people who have a question regarding black magic.

A Parcel was seized in Madina Airport: A few months back in February, we heard a news that a parcel containing witchcraft spell was seized by the security officials at Prince Mohammad bin Abdul Aziz international airport in Madina. At that time it was thought that the names of the people printed on it were the target of the sorcerous spell.

The parcel was sent from outside the country and it contained the Blackmagic products along with some papers that had several people’s names printed on it.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its strict laws continuously cracks down on anyone thought to be practicing any form of black magic within the country and there is no way to get spare.

Religious Police: The Kingdom government created and formalized a special witchcraft unit in 2009 that aimed to educate the people about the evil of sorcery and also to investigate alleged witches.

Kingdom’s minister of economy and planning, Sheikh Adel Faqih said, we have a special way to deal with the sorcerers and we always try to hide the name of those who report about sorcery.

In 2009, the same year when this new unit was formalized, nearly 118 people were charged with practicing magic or using the Holy Qur’an in a derogatory manner in Makkah.

Punishment: The case will be referred to Saudi courts for the verdict. However, generally whoever is involved directly in casting black magic spells is sentenced to death as per Saudi laws.

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Posted by Middle East Eye on Thursday, June 14, 2018

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