4 Saudi men arrested for beating two traffic policemen in Madina

It is our duty to respect Saudi Police: The police serve the public and ensure their safety at all costs, the cost of even their own lives. It is our duty to respect their decisions and not to insult them even if we are on the right side.

We have witnessed several incidents in which people would argue even if they are at fault and blame the police for merely carrying out their duty.

Viral Video: Such an incident was recorded on the streets of Madina near the Prophet’s Mosque. Two traffic policemen were on duty at a traffic crossing when a group of four people attacked them.

Whatever the reason might be for attacking the officers is a separate story and without any further delay the Interior Minister labeled the act as criminal and made it clear that the aggressors would not be left unpunished.

Later, a video went viral on social media which shows 4 men beating up 2 police officers. The video shows that both the officers are trying to get away from the 4 men as they continue to beat them up.

#Saudi Police arrest 4 men for beating a police officer in #Madinah http://bit.ly/2taRClO

Posted by Arab News on Thursday, June 14, 2018

Offenders Arrested: The Saudi prosecutor then issued a warrant against the offenders and they were arrested shortly. A video in which the offenders were arrested and pinned to the ground was shared on social media. Pictures of the arrested were also posted on social media.

The offenders are now taken in for questioning after which their punishment will be announced.  This incident clearly sends out a message to such offenders that acts of violence against the police will not be tolerated and left unpunished under any circumstances.

If the rights of the police are not guarded, then how will we feel safe? This may not have been a big issue but it did send out a strong message to all the people making them aware of the fact that the police must be respected and we cannot take the law into our own hands.

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Source: Arab News

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