Egyptian couple committed suicide to check what happens after death

What happens after Death? Most of the people, belonging to various religions, have a belief that there is a life after the death. Sometimes we do wonder what would happen to us after our deaths.

What type of lives would we be leading after the death? Will we be the same as we are (physical appearances)?

A couple committed suicide to know: And there are many other questions that we often ponder upon. We are a bit curious about our life after death. But a couple in Egypt was so curious about it that they committed a suicide to discover the hereafter. Yes, you read it right.

A couple drowned themselves to death to discover what would happen to them once they are dead. A 43-year-old Egyptian national named Peter George Boutros and his wife Jennifer Marie were found dead in a swimming pool.

Crime Scene: Jennifer Marie was an Irish national whose age was 60. Boutros was a computer programmer. The couple committed the suicide at the swimming pool of the villa of Hurghada which is located at Egypt’s Red Sea coast.   

Director of Red sea security, Major General Hossam Kamal, was informed about the incident. The couple that committed suicide at their friend’s Villa’s swimming pool. Their bodies were stationed at the Hurghada General hospital and are kept at its morgue.

When the report was received that a couple’s body is found in the swimming pool, it looked like a criminal case. Investigators suspected that the couple was murdered at their feet and arms were tied.

However, it seemed like no one had entered the villa. Neither anything was stolen nor any fingerprints, except husband and wife, found.

Video Recording: This was something very strange. The couple was dead and no one had entered the villa. How was this possible? Upon further search and investigation, a video recording was found. A computer that was installed in the hall of the villa was equipped with the video recording. 

In the video both, husband and wife, have revealed they want to commit a suicide in order to check what happens after death! Their curiosity had forced them to take this decision. They wore swimsuits and wrapped heavy chains around their necks.

Such chains are used for the purpose of weightlifting. But this wasn’t enough to satisfy investigators, someone could have forced them to record such statements. But then the investigation team found out that a camera had been installed at the stand of the swimming pool.

The stand is located in the middle of the pool and recorded the whole incident of suicidal attempt. The recording shows that both committed suicide.

A letter was also found. It said that they were not happy with their lives and their spirits deserve an eternal life full of happiness.  It claimed that “that” night was their last night on earth; they will be becoming angels in the heaven in the morning.

So now the case has been resolved to claim that death was caused by drowning and it was a pure act of suicide.

Source: Al Arabiya

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