Saudi authorities take action against expat who printed this

An image started circulating on social media that that showed the sign which reads “Saudi Cashier on duty absent on this shift” this sign was put by an expat worker on the absence of a Saudi cashier at “Sun and Sand sports” a retail store in the Kingdom.

This sign angered the people of the Kingdom: This image went viral on social media and sparked fury among the Saudi nationals. This sign angered the people of the Kingdom and they have to ask a single question why did the worker mention the absent person was a Saudi?

Disrespect for Saudis: Some said this is because of racism negative action and bad intentions that expats keep for Saudis. People were upset for the sign as it showed disrespect for the Saudi and all the Saudi national wanted was the people to be held accountable for his deed.

Action against the Expat who printed it: People couldn’t tolerate anyone who disrespects this country, its people or its government. Soon after this news spread widely and on people demand, Saudi authorities took immediate action against the expat worker who called out Saudi for not showing up to his work.

However, the backlash from the people led to the Ministry of Labor and Social development to ban the expat from working again in the Kingdom. Khaled Aba Al Khail, the spokesman of the Ministry said the retail store will also be held accountable for this matter.

Apology by the Sun and Sand: Later on, hearing this statement, the retail store issued an apology through the tweep they uploaded during the extreme reaction from the people.

The management of the retail shops apologized over the sign and explained that it was an act committed by a single individual and doesn’t reflect the company’s values.

The matter was blown out of proportion: Besides all this happening there were some people who thought this matter was simply blown out of proportion as the expat did not harm any Saudi or disrespected anyone, he just disclosed the truth.

There was not any offensive point but the people are dragging this matter uselessly. Some state this is because of racism.

Many said there should be an action taken against those who are racist toward expats in the Kingdom because racism matters are often seen in our daily life and there are several people who do not consider the expats as human beings who also own some rights.

However, some said labeling the person as Saudi was hurtful but the matter is not a big deal as it is simply blown out.

Source: Tawasul