2nd Suicide in Masjid al-Haram in one week – A Bangladeshi committed suicide

On June 08, 2018, a French national committed suicide in Masjid al-Haram in Makkah. We have covered this news in detail elaborating who was the guy, why did he do it and who were his family members.

In another sad incident on June 15, 2018, reported by Gulf News, a Bangladeshi man threw himself to death from the first floor into the Kaaba 1Tawaf area where worshippers were circling the sacred edifice or waiting for prayers.

It is also important to note that June 15, 2018, was the day of Eid in Saudi Arabia. We tried to search for the videos or images on Social Media but could not find them.

He fell on a Sudani man performing Tawaf on the ground floor in Masjid al-Haram. The Sudanese man who was in his fifties was praying. The incident caused Sudani man serious fractures and injuries.

Location: It happened on 14th June 10 O'clock am, ground floor, Mataf Area, Ismail gate (Besides the Imam prayers area in peak season).

After the sad incident, the Bangladeshi man and the Sudani man who was injured was taken to the nearby Ajyad Hospital and then to Noor Hospital for treatment.

Later on, Saudi Security forces checked the surveillance camera and noticed that the Bangladeshi man jumped over the fence on the first floor to commit suicide.

We don’t know what were the circumstances which he had been facing but committing suicide is a Haram act. May his soul rest in peace! Please don't be judgemental and read about this outspread misconceptions about suicides.

This is my life and I have every right to end it: One of the misconceptions people have these days as they are inspired by the western culture is that this is our life and we have every right to take it. No brother, the life has been given to you by Allah and only Allah can take it.

One who commits suicide will definitely go to Hell: You must have heard many people stating with full confidence that suicide is Haram in Islam and whoever commits this act will definitely go to Hell.

This is again one of the large spread misconceptions about the taboo topic. No one in this world can decide about the issues one has to face after the death. You never know who he was, what was his or her relation with Allah.

For example, suicide committed by someone who was insane will face a different scenario in front of Allah. Only Allah knows if he had given the power to His man to differentiate between Halal and Haram.

Source: Gulf News

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