His wife left the school 14 years ago but continued receiving a salary

Whenever a person resigns from any job, he is not entitled to receive any further salary from his employer, furthermore, his name is also excluded from the working staff of the company. This law is followed socially almost everywhere but this case is a bit different.

14 Years’ Salary without work: This is a story of a school teacher who left her job some 14 years ago but the institute forgot to disqualify her and continued paying her salary to an anonymous person. This case broke out when a woman name Manal Al- Hazmi revealed that someone is being paid her salary without her knowledge for last 14 years.

When did she join the school? Abdul Aziz Al- Hazmi said his wife used to work as a teacher in Kindergarten affiliated with the education department in Makkah in 1420 A.H and resigned in 1422 A.H after working for two years in order to pursue her graduate studies.

Her resignation decision was approved and issued in 1423 A.H. and that was the time when her relationship with the education department ended and her salary stopped. He showed all the documents to the authorities.

System rejected her every time: He said after receiving her master’s degree, his wife again applied for an educational job through the ministry of civil services but her application was rejected. Despite several attempts, the system did not allow her to register for an educational job.

He further said that we registered in Hafez and Jadarah but this system also rejected to register her and all this continued for 12 years. We visited the Education Department and several Governing bodies in order to find a solution to this problem but it went without reaching a solution.

How did they come to know? We were surprised some three years ago in 1436 A.H when we reviewed the social insurance and I saw my wife’s name listed among the employees who are employed in the education department of Makkah and receives a monthly salary, Al-Hazmi said.

This made him visit the educational department but they couldn’t provide with complete information because they lack data. He then visited the insurance and they provided him with the data that state that his wife is receiving a monthly salary for 14 years.

This was a shocking news to hear from him because he claimed that his wife was deprived of her job for 12 years and she was and is never benefited from Hafez during this long time period. When he informed them of her resignation letter of instruction was issued they immediately stopped the transfer of money and exclusion of her data.

Who is receiving the monthly salary on behalf of her wife? This information made the family surprise and the husband asked, who is receiving the monthly salary of his wife for the last 14 years and who will compensate his wife for being deprived of her right to employment for all these years and disabling all her interests and demands?

Abdul Aziz Al Hazmi is demanding an extensive investigation and hold those responsible accountable and compensate his wife. Talal Al Radadi the spokesman of the department of the Education in Makkah welcomed the query and said the search will be started this week.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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