He was in my arms with immense pain and waiting for his death – Saudi Father

The most lovable thing in the world: Long ago a King announced a prize money for his servant if the servant would bring the King the most beautiful child in the Kingdom. The servant returned with his own child, stating that it was the most beautiful child in his sight.

The most beautiful and beloved thing to the parents is their own children, their own blood, and flesh. When a child is happy, the parents feel happy and when the child is in pain, or hurt or in agony, the parents feel the same amount of pain.

The most painful event of anyone’s life: Losing your own child is the most sorrowful and painful trauma one can bear in life, and especially when your child is young and you see your future in their eyes.

A child becomes like a friend to his parents during teenage and that is like a golden period in the family, but when the same child falls ill, undergoes medical and surgical treatments and dies in the very hands of the parents, the feelings and the emotional pain cannot be put or described in words.

Yousef Yasser Khoja: A Saudi father discussed the story of his beloved teenage son who was taken away from his embrace due to rare cancer. He narrates his 16 years old son Yousef Yasser Khoja, who was a religious and social person and loved by all. Cancer took him away from my arms in bits and pieces while he was in immense pain.

How was cancer diagnosed? He never suffered from any illness until last July when Youssef told him that his back hurts.  Youssef underwent the X-ray and checkups and the most shocking news was revealed for the family.

It was the time of Eid-ul Fitr which turned into tragedy for them when the doctor told them Youssef’s reports claimed that he suffered from some rare type of cancer and malignant tumor that affect the teenagers.

Youssef’s father desperately left doctor’s room and informed him and his mother with the utmost regret. He said since last July the war with Youssef’s illness started and all our lives turned upside down. Youssef’s treatment started and he went Chemotherapy at a specialized hospital in Riyadh.

The life of the affected family: There was no recovery and the size of the tumor increased from 4cm to 7cm and then to 9cm, ultimately affecting his spine. Father told that before this time, his life was as simple and beautiful as his whole family has comprised of Youssef, 16, Yazan, 13 and Lara, 9.

It was just like an evil eye hit his family. He tried a lot and made every possible effort to drag his son out from the evil illness. He was taken to France Lyon for treatment. However, after some extent of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, cancer stopped spreading but was concentrated in his spines, pelvis, ribs, and chest.

Your son will not Survive: His father visited several cancer centers in order to help and save his son but every doctor said, his son will not survive and trying any further treatment was useless. This was the most heartbreaking moment for the father who is informed that his son will die and he couldn’t save him.

Youssef’s suffered from Paralysis in the lower side of his body, cancer reached his brains and ribs and his chest was accumulated with water. Father was seeing his son suffering in pains but could not do anything but only pray to Allah.

He passed away: After fighting his illness for 9 months Youssef passed away in March this year. Father couldn’t save his son but he vowed to find a cure for this disease.

He said I will work hard with the centers across the globe until I find a cure for this illness.  If any child will be saved from this rare cancer it will be Youssef Khoja to me, said the grieved father.

Source: Al Arabiya