Kareem Al Ruwali – A Saudi citizen turns Non-Saudi after 27 years stay in Syria

Kareem Al- Kuakbi Al Ruwali moved to Syria from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia some 27 years ago and was unable to travel back to the Kingdom because of the refusal of travel documents from different Saudi embassies in Damascus, Beirut, and Amman.

He owned an old Saudi national identity card and some other legal documents that expired some years ago and he could not manage to renew them because of his restrictions to enter the Kingdom.

He returned to the Kingdom some 7 years ago after living in Syria for 27 years when he was able to exit Syria and move to Jordan with some of his children while rest of his family stayed back in Syria.

He described the pain of not getting a legal way to enter his own homeland thus he manages to enter the Kingdom through Al-Hidaitha border point where they confiscated his old passport and gave him a date of his entry and asked him to come to meet them later.

Ruwaili explained his sorrows that he attempted to travel to his Kingdom from Syria but all his attempts were foiled after he received a letter from Saudi Embassy in Beirut that shocked him informing him that he is a non-Saudi and his documents as a forge.

Adding to his miseries, he lived in Syria using the old Saudi passport that he was not able to renew. He said he submitted his national identity papers to the Civil Affair Departments in Qurrayat, then Al Jouf and then Riyadh but nothing finally happened and there was no work done on the papers to prove that he was a Saudi citizen.

He is a 70 years old man and suffering from several illnesses is now in Riyadh while his family is living in Jordan and are not allowed to enter the Kingdom. Ruwaili said in anguish, my papers are still suspended and I am not considered as a Saudi national. My family is living in a tragic situation because of the national identity.

Al-Ruwaili is waiting for an aid having his old national ID and an Old Saudi Passport and he also claimed that he had a photocopy of a receipt from the Saudi Real Estate Development Fund, that he obtained a loan from the fund and also a deed of a house he built in Al- Qurayat, and a photocopy of a commercial registration and authentic paper by the tribe chief affirming that he was Saudi.

He said, beside this, there are 37 citizens who can verify my Identity that I am a Saudi and the papers from the Syrian Interior Ministry also shows that I was never a Syrian Citizen but a Saudi citizen.

Can it be possible to obtain the Saudi nationality illegally and then enter the Kingdom to follow up with office papers? Al Ruwaili questioned. He demanded the investigation committee to investigate his case or question him if he was not a Saudi citizen. 

He went to the Al Qurayat Civil Affairs department but they told him that his file was in Sikaka. The spokesman of Madinah Civil Affairs department, Mohammad Al Jassir said, there were office papers concerning him that he obtained his identity card illegally and the concerned departments are currently investigating his case.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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