8 Traditional customs that you should follow while visiting a Saudi home

Saudi people are said to be very civilized and stick with their customs and traditions. No matter how much modern they will become but still, they will be keen on following their customs. There are several Saudi customs that many foreigners are totally unaware.

When it comes the time to visit a Saudi home, there are several different consideration and standards to take into account and not to be ignored. The Kingdom is now witnessing a great change and its communication and interaction with the west are opening more at every social, economic and political level.

The expatriates ignore many of the tradition and cultures of the Saudis that are as important to them as foreign customs. Here is the list of some of the things that Saudi like to observe from their guests.

1-Remove your Shoes: Whenever you plan to visit a Saudi home, remember the very first thing to remove your shoes at the doorstep before entering the house. This thing mostly pleased the Saudi host.

Saudis are very keen about the cleanliness and they dislike the people who bring nasty and muddy shoes inside their homes. However, they will not tell you anything at the doorstep but you should try your best to follow this.

2-Do not visit at the time of the meal: This is another basic thing you should consider before visiting a Saudi home. Please never visit any Saudi or any other home at the time of the meal but try to visit earlier.

3-Nap time: Keep in mind not to visit any Saudi house after the lunch because that is the time to take a nap for the Saudi. Saudi people usually prefer to rest after having lunch.

4-Take a gift: Take a gift with you for the host whenever you are invited but consider the gift should be Halal.

5-Remain seated: Don't try to roam here and there inside the house. It is preferable for you to remain seated when the Saudi host is going to serve you something. It is also important as most of the Saudis don't allow their women to come in front of Non-Mahram people.

6-Right hand: This is a basic etiquette. Saudis don’t like the people who take, eat or drink anything with their left hand. Whenever you visit a Saudi home, remember to take everything, coffee, teacup or juice or water glass with your right hand and not with your left hand, even if you are a left-handed person.

7-Dining table etiquette:  Whenever any Saudi serve you something at the table they never leave the table until the guest has completed eating or drinking. However, they stay on the table to get praise from their hosts, so remember to thank and praise the food at the table before leaving the table.

8-Arabic Qahwa: Saudi fills the Arabic Qahwa partially which is a sign of hospitality so don’t try to interfere in this or tell them to fill more. However, you can demand more if you like it. Recommended: Etiquettes of Drinking and Presenting Arabic Qahwa

Source: Arab News

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