Procedure to check Saudi Visa stamping status on passport

Today I am going to tell you the procedure to check your Saudi Visa stamping status on your passport. Most of the people who have applied for Saudi Visa and are unaware of their visa stamping status.

This procedure will help you to know whether your passport is stamped with visa or not. This process to check for your visa stamping is same for all nationalities and all categories of visa like working, family visit visa, Business visit visa, Commercial visit visa, educational visa or diplomatic visa, family visa, extend return visa, Hajj visa, medical Visa, Escort Visa, Resident Visa, seasonal Visa, Temporary Visa, Special Visa, Mission and Organization visit Visa Merchandise Delivery Tourism Visa, Transit Visa, Umrah visa or work Visit Visa.

If you are eager to know about your visa stamping process, then follow the mentioned below rules.

1-You just need your passport number. If you have it then just open Enjaz website using the URL provided here and translate your page to English language using the “English” icon provided on the left top corner.

2-A page will be screened where you will have to enter your details like Passport Number, Nationality, Visa Type and Visa Issuing Authority City and at the end, you will have to type image code as shown and click on the search bar.

(Visa type is the category of Visa you have applied for like family, visit, or Hajj, Umrah or working Visa. Visa issuing authority is the name of the city in your country where you have Saudi Embassy or consulate where you have sent your passport for stamping Visa)

3-If you see a page opened with all your visa details then it means your visa is stamped and if you see an error message it means your visa is not stamped.

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