German company prints Saudi Flag with Kalima Al-Tauheed on beer bottles

We all know Saudi flag is taken as a respected flag in the Muslim World because the Kalima Al-Tauheed is encrypted on it and we respect the sacredness of this flag. Disrespecting the Saudi flag means disrespecting the Kalimat Al-Tawheed and it can never be tolerated by Muslims.

A few days back some pictures started circulating showing Saudi flag printed on the cap of beer bottles in Germany. It was a German company Eichbaum located in Manheim city that published the flag of Saudi Arabia with its Kalimah Al Tawheed on the cap of one of its liquor bottle.

This act upset the entire Muslim community around the world. Muslims around the World have taken this issue with flagrant disrespect of a German firm. The Saudi Embassy in Berlin the capital of Germany has issued a statement that the firm acted after being alerted to the issue through the Social Media.

People tweeted against the Company for hurting their sentiments and wanted to withdraw this product. The people all over the World demanded an apology for this disregard act.

One of the tweets said Germany alcohol Company Eichbaum Bier wrote the Kalima on the cap of the beer bottle just to hurt Muslims sentiments and provoke their feelings. Germany should take an action for this company to apologize for this action and to face itself for all kind of reactions from the Muslim Community.

One of the social media users said, in the doctrine of Islam, alcohol is prohibited and is among the greatest sins, putting such slogan on the bottle is an insult to the Islamic religion.

However, on the other side, A German Lady tried to make this situation light by tweeting, “A Private Brewery Company in Eichman printed the flags of 32 countries on the beer cap in order to celebrate the World Cup. Among that 32 flags, one of the flags is Saudi Arabia that caused an outrage in the Muslim Community.”

All the people demanded was to launch a judicial complaint against the Germany Company who gave this permission and should be taken to the court and held accountable for this act. They should be shamed and their names should be published in all international and local media.

First, it is impermissible because the Kalimat Tauheed is on the beer bottle and secondly when the bottle gets opened the cover is thrown away in the Garbage bin.

This debate raged on Saudi social media and the Saudi Embassy said, it contacted the German authorities concerned and expressed its rejection and condemnation of this act by the company for replacing Kingdom’s flag on the bottle which bears Kalimat Tauheed that says, there is No God but Allah and Mohammad PBUH is His Prophet.

The German company is desecrating Kalimat Al- Tawheed and is also disrespecting the Saudi flag. The Embassy announced its contact with German Foreign Ministry and other Authorities to withdraw this product from the market and stop the selling of the product with Saudi flag and get an apology for this company’s actions as this has provoked the feelings of Muslim around the world.

Later on, Germany company along with Germany Embassy issued an official apology to the Saudi government in particular and the entire Muslim community in general whose sentiments were hit by this act.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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