Masterminds of the oldest bank robbery executed in Jeddah

Living in the Kingdom, we all might have heard the news about the execution of the mastermind of oldest bank robberies but only a few of us are aware of the story. This is the story of some 16 years ago when a Saudi man name Jameel Asiri formed a gang and planned to rob the banks in the Kingdom. 

At the very first attempt the gang was able to rob Al Rajhi bank on King Fahad road in Jeddah. While entering the bank he fired his gun in the air to threaten the people in the bank.

According to his plan, the other member of the gang dragged the bank manager out of his office and stole SR 85,000 and $4,000. After the robbery, the gang escaped in a Lexus.

Just after few weeks from this incident the same gang again appeared to rob French Saudi Bank on King Fahad Road in Al Bawadi District and stood successfully in their plan. The two-member of the gang entered the bank and open fire frightening the employees and stole SR190, 000 and escaped in a caprice.

Soon after the second robbery incident the Saudi police came into action and tracked down the gang. After several attempts, the police were able to track down the four members of the gang, of which three were Saudi.

At the time of their possession, the police also found some weapons and huge sums of money. Among the arrested criminals one of the criminals, Jameel Asiri confessed his crime and also said that he was the one that collected the other members and also supplied them with weapons in order to aid him to rob the banks.

Jameel Asiri also confessed that he was the one who use to open fire in the banks to intimidate the people and the other two of his gang members use to take out the money.  

After further investigation, the police also claimed that the name of the criminal, Jameel Asiri, the mastermind of the bank robberies name was also in the list of identity theft crime and obtaining unlicensed weaponry while the other two individuals did not have any previous criminal record, it was he who urged them to take part in the robbery.

After a complete investigation, this case was forwarded to Jeddah Penal court where the initial verdict announced was a death sentence on each member of the gang.

This verdict was canceled and the second verdict was the leader of the gang should be sentenced to death while his members should be imprisoned for 25 years.

The verdict was again repealed and the court then decided to imprison the leader of the gang for 25 years while his followers to 20 years.

The third verdict was also repealed and the case was forwarded to the court of Appeal where the final verdict was announced to sentence to death to the leader of the gang while his followers should be imprisoned for 25 years.

Following the final verdict, the Ministry of Interior executed the gang leader Jameel Asiri last Sunday while his gang members are facing the punishment.

Below is another video of bank robbers being caught by the Saudi Police. It is not related to this case.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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