Captainah Enaam – Careem’s first female driver in Saudi Arabia

Driving Ban removed: We all are quite aware, on 24th June 2018 women of the Kingdom came out to drive on the roads of Saudi Arabia. This is a day when history has been written as Saudi Arabia was the only country in the world which imposed a ban on women driving.

Women who have a driving license issued by a foreign country are now allowed to convert foreign driving license with Saudi Driving License.

First Female Driver by CareemBesides riding their personal vehicles, we will also witness some women driving transport vehicles and taxi. During this hustle and bustle in the Kingdom, the Middle East ride-hailing Company, known to us as “Careem” has selected its first female driver in Saudi Arabia.

Yes, Enaam Gazi AL-Aswad was selected as the first captainah from among 3,000 women who have submitted their forms to get employed with the company.

The first female Careem driver will be free to provide transportation service to its customer. Careem has already trained her with all the necessary training that enables her to become a perfect “Captainah”.

Who is Enaam Gazi al-Aswad? She is a 43 years divorced lady learned driving in Syria and is expecting to obtain Saudi license after completing 10 hours of driving tuition under the new law. She owns a car Kia and hopes to obtain Saudi license in a few days.

In a media event in Dubai, Al- Aswad said, when it was announced in last September about the women right to drive, I wanted to be the first selected driver and contacted Careem to avail the opportunity.

It is wonderful to think that after all the time we will have the freedom to drive that will help all of us to build the future together in accordance with the Vision 2030 strategy.

This is a good step for women career enhancement and also for their social lives, she said during the event and she also believed that it is the women’s national duty and a job that they can do for their Kingdom.

Al- Aswad is also trained as an airline flight attendant in Saudi Arabia. After that, she studied Management Science at King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah. She expects that being a Careem Captainah will help her to become the stepping stone for her family that includes her two sons that stand supportive of their mother.

She said it is a good idea for a woman to earn a living and pay her own bills. “Careem drivers are earning a good income and I am telling this to all my female friends. I am working as a guide as well as a driver”, she said.

Mudassir Sheikh, the CEO of Careem expected new business to eventually make up for any short-term fall-off in revenues when women are now able to drive in the Kingdom who were previously the majority of the passengers.

He cleared that nearly 95 percent of the Careem drivers in Kingdom are Saudi Nationals.  Enaam Al- Aswad stood thankful to the company for selecting her and confirmed to devote herself to her work.

Saudi women to drive

CNBC speaks with Enaam Gazi Al-Aswad, poised to become Saudi Arabia's first female driver for ride-hailing app #CareemWomen in Saudi Arabia will be able to legally drive for the first time this weekend. With the freedom to drive, Saudi Arabia's women could change the economy#saudiwomentodrive #saudiarabiavia @CNBC

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Source: Arab News

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