Mohammad Salah met his Mirror in Egypt ­– they are the same

Last week, an Egyptian man was spotted in a Cafe in Cairo watching the Liverpool forward Playsemi-final of the Champions League.

The man drew the attention of each and every person sitting in the café watching the live event on screens because he has a striking resemblance with Mohammad Salah who is a famous Egyptian Professional Footballer and is deeply loved by the people of Egypt.

Indeed, the people were watching a live event, if it wasn’t a live event people would have taken the man as famous Mohammad Salah.

The doppelganger of Mohammad  Salah is 30 years old graduated Ahmed Bahaa in Nagrig in the Gharbia Governorate of Egypt. who met the PFA Player of the year in 2016.

Mohammad Salah and his doppelganger had identical hairs, beards as well as physical appearance. Moreover, the height of the two doesn’t seem much different.  

Ahmad Bahaa said that he met the PFA player of the year two years ago in 2016.  He said we two met and Mohammad Salah welcomed me as we have been friends forever or have any other relationship.

In the video, we can see Mohammad Salah and Ahmad Bahaa having a great time together. They wore the same color shirts and it is difficult to differentiate between the two. People totally lost between Mohammad Salah and his doppelganger.

Bahaa, a big fan of Salah was honored to look like Mohammad Salah he said he is the one thing that brings most of the joy to the people of Egypt right now. They take him as Mohammad Salah.

He said when he met Mohammad Salah, and when Mohammad Salah saw him, he said he feels like he is standing in front of a mirror. He further said that it is Mohammad Salah who look like me because I am older than him.

Everybody thinks that Mohammad Salah has any relation with me, a cousin or a brother and I am exposed to it, he added.

Mohammad Salah is so famous in Saudi Arabia that at the moment when he won the award of Professional Footballer’s Association player of the year 2017-2018, a Saudi official offered him a plot of land in Makkah.

Although, generally Non-Saudis are not allowed to own or buy a plot of land in the Holy cities of Makkah and Madina as they purely belongs to Suadis. However, it was a special favor for their special and most favorite player, Mohammad Salah.

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