300 French celebrities call to remove verses of Jihad from the Holy Quran

Egypt’s Al Azhar University is one of the oldest university founded by Fatimids in 970 or 972 as a center of Islamic learning. It is also familiar to us as Sunni Islam’s prestigious university. It teaches its student Quran and Islamic law in detail.

Today it is the known as the chief center of Islamic learning and Arabic literature in the world. The mission of this University is to spread Islam and Islamic cultures. Al Azhar also trains the Egyptian government-appointed preacher in proselytization.

The university openly issues liberal fatwas where Islamic Scholars render edicts after regarding the proper conduct of Muslim Individuals and societies from all over Sunni Islamic World. This is the reason the French called and demanded something unbelievable from Al-Azhar.

Several French prominent figures were concerned about anti-Semitism and have called the Egypt Al Azhar to change the Holy Quran by omitting some verses claiming that some verses of the Quran ignite violence.

Former President Nicolas Sarkozy and Former Prime Minister Manuel Valls also include in these French figures. They published an open letter “French Daily Le Parisien” on April 21 which was signed by 300 prominent intellectual and politicians urging the verses of the Quran that call for the murder of Christian, Jews, and disbelievers should be removed.

This was indeed a shocking demand and no doubt to say that it angered the Muslims. Muslim sincerely believe that the Quran is divinely revealed and it includes the Words of Allah Almighty and we could never think to commit such a crime to alter or delete any holy text.

However, the media also said their demand was entirely unclear in the open letter whether they mean the wholesale deletion of the verses or to prohibit the teaching of the verses.

Al- Azhar University totally opposed and condemned the French calls and the University Deputy said in a sermon on Saturday that the Holy Quran does not call for murder but instead it calls for fighting back against hostile people.

The deputy also warned the attempts that emerges every now and then said that the Holy book does not include any verses that order the killing of any innocent without committing any one of the crimes that require killing a criminal, like the intended murder or raising of weapons, indicates that Islam is not responsible when other misunderstand the verses.

The deputy further stressed that the Holy Quran verses in question regarding fighting are all referred to as defend oneself if he is being attacked. Although it does not order to attack other without any reason.

The Egypt Independent said Egypt’s Dar al-Iftaa-affiliated observatory of Islamophobia criticize such dangerous call which is launched by some people with a timespan. These only cause attacks and antagonism against Muslim there and create a conflict among the people.

The manifesto was signed in France after claiming that Muslims are killing several jews and Christians. However, pushing for a theological reform of Islam in France is nothing new. There are several plans made in France to restructure Islam or abrogate Muslims.

Source: Al Arabiya