Indian villagers take revenge after 14 children killed by dogs

A very heartbreaking incident happened in a small village in Khairabad in the Uttar Pradesh state of India where a group of thirteen stray dogs killed three children on Wednesday last week.

These were not only three children that were mauled to death by these cruel animals but reports claimed that these stray dogs have mauled 14 children to death since January.

The angry villagers gathered around to kill the dogs after being panic by daily attacks. The three children who all were under the 12-year-old were collecting mangoes from fields outside the village where they were caught and killed by the pack of 13 stray dogs.

This incident shocked and angered everyone in the village and they took the law into their own hand and decided to kill the animals because according to 2001 animal welfare law outlawed the killing of stray dogs. The angry villager at first shot dead three dogs and then beat to death the remaining 10 dogs.

The investigation by district police Chief Suresh Rao A. Kulkarni revealed that the three children were alone at the time and he also claimed that there had been several other similar deaths reported since January but it did not give a figure.

He also said that the team of vets and forest officials had been set up to control the rampaging canines. Authorities claimed that the surge in these attacks is due to the closure of slaughterhouse in that area last November where most animals use to fill their appetite on animal’s carcasses.

India is a country where there are nearly 30 million stray dogs that roughly bite 17 million people every year.  The world health organization reports claimed that since 2014, there are several incidents reported about angry residents against stray dogs that are growing across India.

In April, two men were also arrested for beating and killing two stray dogs after they were annoyed by their barking. However, people stressed anger to this news.

People said instead of controlling the situation created by stray dogs everywhere they are giving more importance to ban that reflect hitting the stray dog as a crime. This seems like they are giving much importance to dogs than humans.

In a country like India where people don’t have enough food to suffice their needs, the stray dogs are and will remain a phenomenon. People are in dilemma to solve the issue in an amicable way.

Source: Arab News

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