Arab belly dancer to host a religious Ramadan show in Egypt

Arab people were shocked when they witnessed a belly dancer appeared in a promo advertising the religious show that will be on aired in the Holy Month of Ramadan. Yes, An Egyptian belly dancer Sama Al- Masry will host a Ramadan show “the people of Knowledge”.

Al- Masry announced that the show will be centered on the Islam’s take on the topic of kids who disobey their parents and she also announced that she will host numbers of Muslim figures that will discuss the issue thoroughly.

Her advertising add was posted on social media where it completely went viral causing quite a stir across the Arab world.  The promo shows the belly dancer who appeared with her hair covered with a loose veil and asking the people not to judge her show before watching it.

This add is continuously making rounds online and people are totally reacting in a negative way. People are unhappy to see her hosting a Ramadan show. Besides this, the Arab World is willing it should be banned before it is aired.

Egyptian lawyer Tareq Mahmoud filed a lawsuit against the belly dancer Al- Masry accusing her of offending the religious spirits and insulting people’s religious sentiments after which this show is facing a legal trouble.

He also claimed that the dancer is the reason of angriness and detestation of many who saw the promo of her program.  The Lawyer demanded an immediate investigation and argued that the dancer is tried on the charges of offending the religious feelings.

The show promo is quite disappointing. It doesn’t seem a Ramadan show promo. However, we cannot judge a person without knowing him much. Maybe he is quite better than us but the Ramadan show promo is totally absurd.

I don’t understand how she will represent a Ramadan show. A woman whose dressing is totally inappropriate. She is wearing a tight dress that prominence her body parts and figure and a loose veil that view her open hairs.

At first, we can say that there is nothing wrong if she will represent a religious show, maybe Allah has given her Hidayah or taken it as a source to transform her but at least she should wear a modest dress and cover her hair because she has to represent a Ramadan show.

Some sources stated that she was asked to cover her head with a scarf to which she replied, she is thinking about covering her head with a scarf during the show.

Similarly, many Arabs were also shocked to see the promo as many reacted to it with anger while other turned it as a humor like some said she is smart that is the reason she is promoting her show in a provocative way.

Some people took it as her way to ridicule religion and totally criticized her for this act.

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