Saudi student died while coming out of the school – traffic accident

A very tragic incident was reported this week when a nine-year-old small student Radhi Al Shemari was run over and pushed to death by a car outside his school in Al-Ihsa Governorate on Sunday. My heart breaks after reading this news and seeing the picture of a cute little student.

This tragic incident has let the people of Saudi Arabia and his family in shock. The nine-year-old left his home for his school but never came back. Similar happened with three class student Rawan al Rashid who also died in a tragic accident caused by her school bus in Al Barida.

Rawan Al Rashid was waiting for her school bus outside her house and on the arrival of her bus, her sister got into the bus thinking that she had also gotten on the bus and the driver took off and run the bus over the girl. She was pronounced dead after taken to the hospital.

On the other side, nine-year-old Radhi Al Shemari was killed after being hit by a car as he was trying to cross the road to get to his school, the Al Ihsa Governorate education authority stated in a statement.

These two accidents cases sent shockwaves around the Kingdom and the people are calling the education ministry to take serious action in the wake of two fatal incidents. The education authority head Ahmad bin Mohammad Al Ghunaim has ordered an immediate investigation into these incidents.

The education authority and the ministry of education both sent their condolence to the student’s parents and families.

On the other side, the Radhi Al-Shemari mother wrote a heartbreaking letter to talk to the Minister of education Ahmad Al -Eissa to take legal steps and save the lives of other children and protect them from facing the same fate as his son.

This news of two student’s death went viral and continues to make rounds online. People reacted to these matters with shock and sadness and also called on authorities to take legal action to implement strict and safety measures near all school campuses.

However, in many countries, I have seen signboards on the sides of the roads that command the drivers to reduce your car speed, school ahead. These types of signboard should be fixed everywhere on the roads near to schools and strict security should be implemented outside the schools.

However, people of the Kingdom are demanding for police car parked outside at the start and off timing of every school. Some are saying the school officials, parents or school guard whoever see children in need of help should help him to cross the road to avoid any mishap.

Some people demanded the parents to provide safe transportation to their children. Moreover, there are many citizens who are blaming the school campuses for not caring about their student.

Someone posted a picture of a student sitting outside the school in scorching sun waiting for his guardians to pick him up which caused deep anger among the people.

There is a direct ministerial order that clearly states that the teachers should be on duty after school hours and they should not leave the school until the last student left the school premises safely. The education minister should investigate these matters.

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