Are the wars in Sinai and Yemen necessary?

Go through current affairs before criticizing and opposing anything or any government because there is always a side of the story you are unaware of, or the truth is hidden from the general public. Dig a little bit and the hideous truth will unearth.

Yes, the wars just do not start like normal beings contradicting each other’s point of view, countries are involved, governing body, think tanks, foreign and interior offices are involved hence there is and should be a valid reason if any country starts an operation or starts airstrikes.

Some powers, however, play dirt and a proxy war ignites, causing a mayhem and chaos along with the bloodshed in some other country over the expense and planning of another. One such case is the attacks done on Saudi Arabia on the southern border by the Houthis of Yemen.

Now the world and human rights organizations are putting too many efforts in along with those powers just to stir and cause the wrong perception against the Saudi Government and forces who are merely defending their motherland with Holy Landmarks against those goons.

A different type of proxy war is on the media, making Saudis look bad; the reality is however different.

HOUTHIS: The Houthis are supported morally, monetarily and with artillery by some forces, we all know the sectarian issues and we all are well aware of the Assassin groups being supported by the Khomeini.  The name of the group is Nizari made by Hassan e Sabah back in 1090.  

SINAI: Same is the case with Sinai, where the Egyptian Armed forces and Police has launched an operation against Al Qaida, ISIS and the related terrorist group who kill the civilians and blackmail the governments for others benefits, merely like contract killers who cause an uproar and bring war on an international level.

They hide behind the public, take the shield of women and children, use religion for their unethical benefits and thus cause a lot of collateral damage. The Egyptians are trying and have succeeded in keeping the part of the country to themselves which may have been a long-lost territory.

Yes, there are certain mistakes by the people on the top which leads to civil war looking fare, including irregular and irrelevant benefits to one group than other, lack of attention to less privileged areas, and not providing an equal opportunity of jobs to such areas.

Therefore, the people play into the hands of the anti-state forces. Yes, mistakes have been made, and so shall be put right, but the governments should pay attention to them and to each and every citizen so that no such thing happens in the future.

Source: Al Arabiya  

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