6 Benefits of bringing your family to Saudi Arabia at this point of time

As we all know nowadays that most of the expatriates living in Saudi Arabia are sending back their families to their hometown because they cannot afford the high dependent fee which has increased from 100 Saudi Riyal to 200 Saudi Riyal per month.

The expat workers who are living in the Kingdom with their wives and children are planning to exit the Kingdom as they could not afford the dependent fee for 2 or more dependents on their monthly salary.

However, workers living alone with their wives don’t think necessary to send them back. When most of the expat is sending families back to their hometown, this is a better chance for newlywed couples or those who do not have children yet to move to the Kingdom.

They can easily live in Saudi Arabia on a permanent visa. However, they can benefit themselves from these 4 benefits in the Kingdom at the present time.

01-Reduced Rental Cost: As most of the people in the Kingdom are leaving the Kingdom and there are numbers of empty homes, flats, and villas everywhere in Saudi Arabia. You can easily get a house or flat anywhere at a very reasonable rent.

Moreover, there is a good news that most of the houses rents are reduced by 50%.  House rents were decreased after the implementation of dependent fees in the Kingdom as many expats left the Kingdom.

Most of the real estate agents are facing downfall in the real estate market and are also facing issues to find tenants who could rent the houses thus the rents have also decreased and the owners of the house are also offering their customer to pay the rent monthly, quarterly or once in a six month or once in a year.

02-Prices of Home appliances: Home appliances and furniture are nowadays available at very low prices as most expats are quitting the Kingdom and they are selling their furniture and home appliances at very fewer rates.  Even if you want to buy new furniture, there are many offers available at different stores.

03-Cost of Living: As we all know a large number of Saudi Kingdom population consists of its expats and now half of them have quit the Kingdom. Shopping malls and markets are also offering many attractive offers to invite more and more customers.

04-Luxury Cars at Cheaper Prices: In case you don’t have a car and want to bring your family to Saudi Arabia, you have a good news. These days, the heavy engine cars are available at a very cheap rate if you are looking for a used car.

05-Easy Appointment with Jawazat: Nowadays things have changed a lot from the past. In the past, people use to wait for a month to get an appointment with Istiqdam but now anyone can easily book an appointment with Istiqdam to apply for a permanent family visa.

It will not take a time of the month to wait for your turn but in just a day or two your meeting will be arranged with Istiqdam and you will not have to wait for your turn standing in the queue at Istiqdam office. Your work will take just a few minutes to get proceed.

06-Easy Admissions in Schools: A couple of years ago, people used to treat themselves very lucky if their children got an admission in a mainstream school. However, the situation has changed now.

The International Schools like Pakistan International School and Indian International School are looking for new students to get enrolled.