Saudi mother and her daughter graduated from the same university

Age is no bar to learning. You can study at any time of your life. This was proved by a Saudi mother Saleha Asiri who recently graduated with her daughter from the same University.

Saleha Asiri completed her graduation in Media and communication while her daughter Maram graduated in Business administration from King Khalid University in Abha.

According to the graduated mother, Saleha Asiri, she had to discontinue her studies a long time ago when she got married but she did not let her passion beat and was firm to study later whenever she will be able to overcome all the hurdles.

Saleha Asiri said she could not finish her high school studies because she was married at a very early age and then moved to Eastern Province.

Becoming a mother also stood a hurdle to resume her studies because as a housewife and a mother she got tangled in too many responsibilities and this never let her think to resume her studies at that time but when her daughter finished her middle school, she got a chance to pursue her further studies.

Saleha’s mother always encouraged her daughter to resume her studies and when her daughter finished her middle school, her mother forced her to resume her studies again with her daughter.

She expressed her feelings of joy after getting enrolled in the faculty of Media and communication she said the day I was selected in the college was like a feast for me.

She further said her mother supported and helped her a lot to achieve her goal but unfortunately she died last year and did not get a chance to see her daughter graduates.

Her children and all her friends were also quite supportive and helped her at home and studies, she added. In the end, I must say Saleha Asiri is a role model for all those women who left their studies after marriage.

Every woman should try to resume her remaining studies at any age without any hesitation because age doesn’t matter if you wish to pursue your goal.

This is not the first time we are reporting an act like this. A few years ago, a 64-years Saudi man took admission in a school along with his daughter.

It is a lesson for our youth who are not much devoted to study that education plays a significant role in your life. As much as these old buddies had to continue their education after a long time.

Source: Saudi Gazette