A Saudi Student who used to cheat with the Water Bottle

Exams are always held to test the creativity and ability of the candidate. However final exams are of much importance as it decides the future of the students.

No doubt to say that exams bring too much stress to them and student has to deal with the situation along with their preparation to get a good result for their better future and to get enrolled in leading colleges and universities.

This intense pressure of studies has let the student create many cheating methods to solve their paper and thus nowadays cheating has become a trend and many students have found a way to pass the exam by a cheat.

Students have found cheating techniques during their exams and they are able to cheat their teachers too.  One such cheating act was committed by a Saudi Student who designed his own cheating techniques.

The clever and tricky Saudi student printed a small piece of paper with probable answers to his Arabic exam, using small font size.

He then cut a small part of water bottle label and attached it to the printed cheat paper and then attached that printed cheat paper to the water bottle to carry it easily in the examination hall.

In Saudi Arabia, the students are not restricted from carrying their water bottles inside the examination hall during their exams and hence the tricky student was able to benefit himself from this.

He was able to give a genuine look to the bottle of mineral water as he knew that no one could have ever thought of this strange trick and it went successfully unnoticed by everyone as he wished and designed it.

However, the trick went successfully throughout the exam but later the student bragged his own trick with excessive pride and self-satisfaction.

He disclosed that he couldn’t memorize many definitions, poetry, and information about the poets so he printed all this information briefly and took it in the examination hall to get easy access to his answers to pass the exams.

The education ministry of Saudi Arabia has taken many strict measures to stop students from cheating during the exams but still, there are many students who succeed in their purpose. Students are also strictly observed throughout the paper by a group of invigilators.

 The education ministry has also announced to cancel the paper in which the student is caught cheating in Saudi Arabia but still many students are able to trick the invigilators.

A teacher in Saudi Arabia who examined many examination halls was shocked to say that there is a large number of students who put immense pressure on their teacher to let them cheat or help them while taking their exams.

There are students who could go to an extreme situation to get right answers from their classmates. There are also some students who openly press for direct assistance from their teacher.

Beside this, there are several students who offer a bribe to the teachers to let them cheat or mark A grade for their oral exams.

Source: Gulf News

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