Why Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. noticed fragrance of Jannah coming from Egypt?

Have you ever heard of the fact that when Prophet Muhammad S.A.W was going to heavens (Mairaj) He noticed the fragrance of Jannah coming from Egypt? Well, a Hadith is there to support this.

The Hadith which is available in Sunan Ibn Majah reveals that a good fragrance was smelled by Holy Prophet while he was on the Night Journey (known as the Isra’). In volume 5, book 36 the Hadith number 4030 of Sunan Ibn Majah, following Hadith is narrated by Ubayy bin Ka’b.

Holy Prophet PBUH observed a good fragrance and inquired about it from Hazrat Jibril A.S. Hazrat Jibril A.S. told the Prophet PBUH that the smell is coming from a grave. A mutual grave of a hairdresser, her husband, and her two sons.

The incident starts from Khadir.  Khadir was a nobleman, he was one of the Bani Israel. He used to visit a monk living in a cell. The monk not only met Khadir but also enlightened him with the teachings of Islam. On reaching his adolescence, Khadir got married to a woman.

The marriage was organized by Khadir’s father. Khadir taught his wife about Islam and took a promise from her that she won’t teach it to anyone else. He did not go close to the women and touched her, so he divorced her.

Khadir’s father organized another marriage of Khadir. The new wife was also taught Islam by Khadir and she also took the oath that she won’t teach it to anyone. Yet one of them did not abide by the promise and it led Khadir with no choice but to run away. He came to an Island of the sea and took shelter there.

There came two men for the purpose of collecting wood for the fire. Two men came, gathering firewood, and saw him. One of them kept the secret but the other disclosed it and said: ‘I have seen Khadir.’ It was said: ‘Who else saw him besides you?’ He said: ‘So-and-so.’ (The other man) was questioned but he kept silent. According to their religion, the liar was to be killed.

One of the wives of Khadir who had kept his secret got married. She was a hairdresser. The Pharaoh’s daughter’s hair was combed by the woman. Once, while combing her hair, she dropped the comb and cursed the Pharaoh and prayed for his death. The daughter told that the hairdresser had made a prayer of Pharaoh’s death in front of her. 

When Pharaoh heard about it, he ordered to present that woman with her family in front of him. the women with her husband and two sons were presented in front of the Pharaoh. They were asked to give up their religion, yet they resisted.

The Pharaoh warned them that they would be killed. They assured that they won’t change their religion in that case as well. The woman added that it would be kind of him if they were all buried in a single grave.

So they were all (hairdresser, husband and two sons) buried in a single grave and that grave spelled out a good fragrance which was smelled by Holy Prophet PBUH on the night journey.

Source: Sunan Ibn Majah 4030

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