Top 5 Muslim Paradise Islands you cannot miss to Visit

Islands are great option to spend vacations. The water and coral reefs there can refresh anyone. The atmosphere and the environment at the paradise islands are just perfect for relaxation.

But as Muslims, we often abandon the idea to travel to an island, the basic reason being the culture and food of Yet, the worries are now over. You can actually plan a trip to paradise islands without worrying that either you be served with halal food or not.

These 5 paradise islands of the world are for Muslims. These islands major population is Muslim and food served here is halal.

1-Cocos (Keeling) Island, Australia: Cocos Islands are located in the beautiful country of Australia. An Englishman named Alexander Hare settled these islands in early 1826. The interesting thing about the island is that the languages are spoken here (the mother language that is) are Malay and English.

The paradise island covers only an area of 14.2 square km. the total population residing there is not more than 600! Among these 600 people, 80% are Muslims.

Muslims visiting there feel quite comfortable with majority Muslims residing there. Due to the dominant Muslim population, the culture there is Islamic and halal food is easily accessible.

2-Zanzibar, Tanzania: Zanzibar is a great place. The 98.9 % of the population of Zanzibar are Muslims. Islam was introduced here with the help of Arab slave traders. There are beautiful sites here.

One is amazed to see women standing in shallow water with their small pots and fishing nets. They caught up fish and store them in the pots: Once their pots are filled with small fishes, the return to their homes.

Women dressed in colorful clothes with their pots and searching for small fishes is something very unique to see. Those who love diving shall visit the Mafia Island.

This island is located in the south of Zanzibar. Did you know that in Tanzania 140 languages are spoken? A diverse language culture it is.

3-Lombok, Indonesia: Lombok is also commonly known as the island of mosques. the reason is that one can encounter a mosque at every corner. It is an island with 1000 mosques! the Muadhins (the one who gives out the adhan) are blessed with beautiful voices.

People say that listening to the prayer at Lombok is the most beautiful experience. The island is famous for its halal food and delicious drinks. There are varieties of drinks available there. Also one can find Mocktails, the halal alcohol-free drink, quite easily.

Quran can be found in every hotel room. The little school boys wearing Kufis and school girls wearing Hijab who are seen in groups look adorable.

4-Maldives: The Maldives converted its religion to Islam in the 12th century. Before that, it was State with Buddhism as its religion. Now no non-Muslim can attain Maldives’s citizenship. There are 1192 coral islands in the Maldives.

Due to the abundance of coral there, mosques are made out of coral stones. In respect of prayers, each shop is closed after 15 minutes of the call prayer so that Muslims can offer their Salah.

5-Langkawi, Malaysia: The rain lovers need to visit the place as it rains 9 months a year here! The raining month starts from March and ends in November. The world admires Malaysian food, yet the Langkawi has the most delicious food.

There are best local and international food brands in Langkawi. The Malaysians are hospitable and you will love to visit there.