The World’s longest straight road record is now held by Saudi Arabia

As a driver, I would love to sit back and drive on a smooth long road. But we know that most of the roads are curvy. To reach your destination, you need to take the turns, go through roundabouts and so. There are very few roads that would lead you directly to your destination without a turn or so.

But worry not Saudis, if you love to drive on calm and straight roads, one has been built for you. The Highway 10 is a straight road that is straight for 256 kilometers! (Well yes, 256 kilometers!).

Imagine no cuts, turns, bends, roundabouts and curves for 256 km. That means that for about 2 hours you shall not worry about anything and drive smoothly.

Although the driving on a straight road looks compelling and exciting, actually it is a journey full of boredom. Just imagine, sitting on your vehicle with a cruise control function and you don’t even have to move the steering.

At least, I don't want to drive unless I am with a group of friends or family members.

The Highway 10 has now been declared as the world’s longest straight road in the Guinness World Records. Before this, the very record was held by Australia. The Australian Eyre was the world’s longest straight road before Saudi’s Highway 10 won the title. The Australian Eyre is only 146 Km long.

In case you are wondering where you can find this road in Saudi Arabia. Let me tell you that Highway 10 starts from Al Haradh area. The Al Haradh area is the very city which is famous for possessing oil and natural gas.

The Highway 10 ends up at the Al Batha area which is close to Saudi Arabia-UAE border. The Highway 10 stretches over the Rub Al Khali desert.  As it is stretched over the desert, one might not like to drive there.

You know the way temperatures shift in deserts: the temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius in the day and fall to freezing in nights. Yet the sand shifting, landscape and close to nature environment might catch your attention and you might be able to enjoy an undisrupted journey.

The Highway 10 is of great importance as it is the very road that is used to transport goods between Saudi Arabia and UAE. Also, those people who travel from Western and Central regions of Saudi Arabia to UAE, or to Saudi Arabia from UAE by road use the very Highway 10.