A Yemeni father carried his disabled son during his graduation

A Yemeni Journalist Farouk Muqbel photographed something unusual that pull the heartstrings of many people. The pictures showed an elderly but proud father carrying his disabled son on his back during his graduation ceremony in Sanaa.

No love is greater than that the love of a father for his son and this can be easily seen in these pictures and videos.

The Yemeni Journalist was there to capture the memorable events of the Graduation Ceremony of the Al-Noor center for the Care and Rehabilitation of the blinds in Sanaa where he captured these inspiring moments and undefined love of a father to his disabled son.

The Al-Noor school was opened in 1967 and served more than 200 students basically such students who are visually disabled. The son was graduating from his secondary school from this center.

This is a moment of pride for the father and the whole nation because I have personally witnessed that disabled child is taken as a burden and the parent doesn’t think compulsory to send them to a special school or provide them with education.

They are mistreated by keeping them separate from the other children at home. However, this is indeed an applauding moment for the Yemeni nation that they have opened this center to teach the disabled children and the parents cooperate with them and send their children to educate them.

The manager of Al-Noor center told Human Rights Watch when the conflict started in Yemen on March 26, 2015, the Houthi Militia set up an office on the ground floor of the Kindergarten school building and placed skilled guards on the compound’s entrance.

We have seen many examples of father or I would say parents’ love for their children. But unfortunately, there are very limited examples of children returning the same favor to their parents.

Your parents are the most beautiful thing you have in your life, just spend some time with them, give them your love and affection before it’s too late. I am telling you from my personal experience, once they are gone, you can just repent of the fact that you didn’t spend enough time with them.

I was only 2 years old when my mother passed away. It was the most tragic incident of my life. I have shared what my family had to go through on the death of my mother.

When I was 8 years old, my father passed away. I have tried to express my feeling of the day my father passed away. The purpose of writing this particular blog is just to highlight the importance of your parents in your life.

Once they are gone, they become memories. You can’t touch them; you can’t feel them. You just wish to see them in your dreams, but they don’t come too frequently. After one dream, you wait for the next one for years.

If your parents are alive, do everything you want to do with them so that you don’t have to regret later on. Tell them that they are the most beautiful thing happened to you in your entire life.

Source: Arab News

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