4 things you didn’t know about Saudi women’s rights

No matter how much moderate we have become and how many steps are taken to secure the life of a woman we are still unaware of some of the basic rights that women possess. The Saudi Ministry of Justice has taken a step to freer and secure the life of every woman living in the Kingdom.

The Ministry has started a campaign in all the cities of the Kingdom to create awareness among women of their legal rights. They have hired the female staff to run the public exhibition to enlighten their rights and tell them how they are protected in different areas to lead their life in a better way.

As said by Majed Al Khamis the head of media and communication at the Ministry of Justice, we are using every possible channel to communicate with women to enlighten them about their rights and support them in all the aspects to assure their ability to enjoy a secure rightful life.

Women living in the Kingdom are themselves unaware of their legal rights and hence they have to suffer a lot but now this will not happen. Here are 4 major rights a woman possesses while living in the Kingdom but most of them are unaware of it.

01-As a wife or Ex-wife, right to sue her Husband or ex-husband: As a wife or ex-wife a woman has the right to sue her husband or ex-husband for alimony or acknowledgement of paternity and a law in the Kingdom allows the women to live in the land of Saudi Arabia regardless of her citizenship or religion and prosecute her current or former husband even if he is out of the Kingdom.

However, this is not all, the new system introduced in the Kingdom is quite supportive to divorced women and it gives priority to women's alimony over her husband’s personal debts.

02-Marriage Agreements: A whole new system of Kingdom, no marriage agreement is accepted until or unless a written approval is received from the woman even if her Guardian is her father.

This arrangement grants the women freedom to accept a marriage proposal without any influence or pressure by someone and give her the choice to select her desired husband.

However, if a woman is not satisfied or happy with her husband, she has the right to leave the house of her husband and walk out of the agreement and no power or law can force her to go back.

If a woman chooses to abandon her marriage her right to alimony will be dropped yet she will be still entitled to the custody of the children.

03-No delay: The Ministry of Justice in the Kingdom has designed a full female service with its courthouse which also includes advisory people who advise freely on every matter.

These departments stand supportive with all the women until the execution of any court order to avoid delay and procrastination.

04-Speedy Justice: There is a law introduced in the Kingdom which most of the women are totally unaware. The law emphasizes the speedy execution of justice in women related cases.

It is often seen that the women have to wait for several months or years after they file a lawsuit, but now this will not happen, women will get speedy justice.

Source: Arab News