What would have happened if Saddam Hussein was alive today?

When you see the current situation of Iraq, the question strikes your mind over and again. If he was still in power, he would have been ruling Iraq under his brutal regime and running country affairs with a stubborn and hot head.

The conditions wouldn’t have been better and maybe, even more, worse than the present of Syria. Killing for votes, imprisonment, and torture to attain and remain in power and fighting wars for the sake of personal ego and agenda was Saddam’s favorite hobbies.

He proved himself one of the worst dictators after enforced power transfer in 1979, killing all those who opposed him and later on till 2003, he filled the history with warfare, injustice, and enforcement which can put both humanity and justice to shame.

So we can assume and state that if Saddam had been alive and in power, the state might have been in worse condition.  Even now, the successors to him are like him, taking leaf out of his book, causing chaos, mayhem and civil war.

They enforce everything which causes a rebel and where there is an injustice, there is a rebel.  The daily life routine, monetarily affairs and availability of utilities depend a lot on the thinking and actions of the nation.

Where there is a good governing body ruling a state with justice and equality, we see the nation as a whole flourish, help others and making wonders happen because they have security, surety, and food, water and shelter to which they don’t have to give a thought.

Iraq, Iraqis to be specific have been deprived of even basic necessities for a long time now. When an educated or a hardworking person does not get all that he wants or needs or requires in return for his work, he gets frustrated.

They have been shunned by the rest of the world which causes them to act irrationally. The reign of Saddam Hussein was barbaric, and the present government is no less, keeping the bad work going on. The greatest of the issues is the sectarian religion is what ignites any living being to the maximum.

People who think that the situation of Iraq could be better if Saddam had been in the power, they say it because the Iraq and Middle Eastern countries are suffering from the turmoil since the past few years.

However, the present bad situation of Iraq is due to its governing people who assumed the power after toppling Saddam Hussain and they did not take any further efforts to develop or work on the building the state which Iraqis have waited to establish since the time of Saddam’s regime.

Iraq is a country which has massive agriculture and industrial capabilities along with it possess a huge wealth of oil and gas. The country human resources specifically the proficient education class stood out among the region’s country.

However, toppling Saddam Hussain’s regime was somehow right but after toppling his regime Iraq was handed to political Islamic groups which wasn’t right at all.

A free and fair election and a democratic government can be the turning point and a new start for a better Iraq. A democratic government elected by the people of their own choice and by their will.

Source: Al Arabiya

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