Saudi father slaughters his 3 daughters in front of their mother

A very strange and horrific incident was reported from Makkah this week, where a man killed his three daughters and also stabbed his wife.

However, this is indeed too scaring to hear that a father could stab and slit the throat of his three daughters in front of their mother who could do nothing but just screams for help.

The three daughters were aged three to six.  According to the neighbors who called 911 during an emergency situation and to report the incident, said that this incident happened on Sunday Morning at 11 am.

He said he heard the woman screams from inside the house and soon after that the man who is the father of the three deceased girls left the apartment. The cruel man left his apartment and quietly walked to the grocery shop and sat down sipping water as nothing unusual happened.

 He was so relaxed and behaved as he was unaware of the screams coming from his apartment. The neighbor who was the eyewitness of the situation after the incident said he approached near him to ask about the scream of the woman to which he replied it was not a big deal.

Just a minute later his wife rushed out of the house screaming my daughter, my daughters. On this the neighbor asked him if he had hurt his daughter to which the man replied you are welcome to my house, go inside.

The neighbor went inside his house along with two other neighbors and was shocked to find the three daughters lying with their throat slit. The eyewitness of the incident too claimed that the man was on the drug at the time he killed his three beautiful daughters.

The young man was in his 30s and worked as a guard in a security company, he was living at the place for five years and his neighbors revealed that during this time he used to keep himself separate from everyone and avoided mixing with the neighbors.

The man was arrested and initial investigation revealed that the man has admitted that he was on drugs and did not sleep for days. The officials from the forensic department are in the apartment to conduct an investigation.

The police said that the mother is shifted to the hospital as she suffered from a nervous breakdown after the horrific incident. This incident made me think, how a father can be so cruel to his own daughter?

Parents play a vital role in children’s lives, where the mother is taken as the symbol of love and affection father is taken as the symbol of wisdom, he is known as a guide and he attributes substantiate role in his children’s life.

This man killed his daughter and this news gave me goosebumps because as per my knowledge daughters are much attached to the father and the father love daughters more than the son.

However, we cannot say anything about this incident unless the investigation gets to accomplish.

Source: Gulf News

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