Bahrain sentences 24 Shias to Jail, terminate their nationality

The court of Bahrain recently announced its verdict against 24 Shiite Muslim citizens and also revoked their nationality as the ruling Al Khalifa regime passes ahead continuing its heavy-handed crackdown against the Shiite citizens of the Kingdom.

It was reported by the judicial source of Bahrain that all the 24 Shiite citizens were involved in forming a terrorist group were also involved in traveling to Iraq and Iran to get themselves trained about weapons and explosives and they were also found guilty in attempted murder of police officers.

The criminal high court of Bahrain sentenced 10 culprits to lifetime prison and 10 were sentenced for a decade while the remaining four were sentenced to jail terms ranging from four to five years. The court also announced May 10 as the date of next trial.

Bahrain is known as the Sunni ruled Shiite majority country which has revoked the nationality of hundreds of its citizens and has also imprisoned many high-profile members, human rights campaigners many activists and religious scholars since February 2011.

In Feb 2011, many Bahraini people protested and erupted rallies on daily basis demanding an elected and just leader for their Kingdom by demanding the Al-Khalifa family to surrender power.

At that time the Bahraini Government also accused the majority Shiite Muslim of Iran for backing the protest in Bahrain and purportedly attempting to overthrow their Government, ever since the people of Bahrain are also complaining about the widespread discrimination against the Shiite Muslims in the Kingdom

The law to revoke the nationality of the citizens was announced and amended in 2011 after the protests erupted in the country. According to the Bahrain Citizenship Law, the authorities have the right to revoke the nationality of the citizen who is engaged in acts that are judged as disloyal acts to the State.

Despite the fact, Bahrain was accused of their act of revoking citizenship from its people, by Human Rights Watch HRW, Bahrain revoked the nationality of its eight citizens and deported them out of the Country to war-torn country Iran this year.

The Human Right Watch also requested Bahrain to immediately end its illogical deportation and restore the citizenship to all those who are stripped of their nationality. It was reported that more than 570 Bahraini nationals are deprived off their nationality since the year 2012.

We all are also aware of last year November blast that cut off oil pipeline that linked Bapco refinery with giant oil Aramco main pumping station in Saudi Arabia’s Dahran Province and among 7 suspects arrested, 4 Bahrainis were also accused of attacking this pipeline.

The Manama reported in February that among four suspects that were involved in the attacking of an oil pipeline, Bahrain accused Iran that two of the four suspects were trained and armed in Iran by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard while Tehran denied these reports.

Whatever the Human Rights Organization say and promote against Bahrain, I fully support Bahrain for taking strict action against those who act against the country’s interest and involved in terrorism.

Source: Al Arabiya

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