The historic Maarid Castle, Qasr Maarid in Jouf, Saudi Arabia

Domat Al-Jandal commonly known as Dumah is one of the historic cities of Saudi Arabia. It is located in the province of Al Jouf, which in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. The ancient city is just 350 km northwest of Hail. The city is named after the 6th son of Prophet Ismail A.S.

According to the biblical sources, the grandson of Prophet Ibrahim was named Dumah. So this traces back the history of the city. Also, the Assyrians records have a mention of the city. The city, during the ancient times, was used as an important center, it was proclaimed as an important Arab center.

The historic asset, the city of Domat Al-Jandal, is quite interesting to discover. The city has a historic and ancient castle which is named as the Qasr Maarid (meaning the Maarid Castle).  The castle is a huge building carved out of rough stones.

The mortar is used to hold the rocks together. The building architect used the ancient designs. It has four towers placed on each corner of the building. This gives it a look of a place of great significance. The castle not only uses the fine stones for building up the walls but also uses the corbels to support the castle’s building.

Other architectural techniques used in the castle are the use of lintels made up of stone and the mud-brick superstructures. Also, an underground tunnel was there to connect the castle with the Umar bin Khattab Masjid.

Archeologists believe that the castle was built in the first century AD. The foundations were kept in the region of Nabataeans. Interesting isn’t it? People at that time could build up a great castle and that too using different architectural design!

These designs are still prevalent and can be seen in modern buildings. A Czech explore, Mr. Alois Musil visited the castle in the year 1915. He believes that the mud-brick superstructure and the four slender towers on the corners were built by Nawwaf.

So we can conclude that the foundations of the castle were set up by the Nabataens while the upper structure must have been destroyed (or damaged) and was rebuilt by the Nawwaf. Also, history reveals that the castle was rebuilt in 1913 by Nawwaf bin Nuri bin Shalan.

For those who do not know, the castle was occupied and that too in recent times! However, in the past, it was a renowned center for the Arabs. Due to its strategic position, everyone wished to capture it. It was the very reason why Muslims went for three expeditions for gaining it during the life of the Prophet PBUH. 

Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed R.A was able to capture the ruler of Duma during the third expedition. Khalid bin Walid took along an army of 420 riders to conquer Duma. Ukaidir, who was the ruler of Duma at that time, was captured. This indicates that the place was of great significance.

I think if you have even a little bit of interest in the history, make sure you visit this archaeologist place in Saudi Arabia.