Saudi Woman becomes “Islamic Model” to ridicule fashionistas

As a Muslim, we all know that our religion doesn’t allow a woman to wear short or tight dresses and show off her body as models do because a woman is considered to be a revered and beautiful thing in Islam whose beauty should be covered with modest clothes. 

Today we have left our religion far away in an urge to follow the modern era, however, it is a sad reality and no one has the time to think over it. I must say this work is done by a Saudi lady who somehow was able to draw her attention to modernism and Islam for women.

A Saudi woman and a self-declared model, model Joud uploaded some of her picture in which she is seen posing wearing an abaya and a full face veil. She added a caption to her photos that I have decided to become a Saudi model.

Her pictures caused quite a stir on Saudi Twitter users in the Kingdom and were taken as an intention of becoming Islamic model.  Model Joud shared the news with her friends and followers with a series of tweets which seem to be satirical and poking fun at the fashion industry and models pose for photos.

In her tweets, she also announced to drop out of college and become a model but her religion will always come before anything else. In a very short time, her tweet went viral and some took her announcement too seriously.

She also gained hundreds of social media followers and her post took Saudi Twitter by storm with thousands of tweets reacting to it. On the other side, the matter about her intentions is yet not clear and nobody knows whether she was trying to make a joke or was serious about all what she said.

This matter still sparked a widespread debate. There were many people who loved her post and praised her for posting it while there were also some people who disliked her post and accused her of mocking the religion and deeming her behavior inappropriate for a niqabi.

Few people believed that this post is a satirical take on cultural taboos and few claimed it too embarrassing and some took it as a funny post. Her haters attacked her tweeps with hateful comments and she hit them back with a hilarious response.

Some religious people too came forward and blamed her for going against the Prophet’s PBUH rules of growing nails and taking and posting pictures of herself to seduce men.

However, there is a lesson in her post that before taking any step we should think for a while about our religion and satisfaction of our soul rather than giving priority to worldly wealth.

These days, we are following our dreams of getting wealth and gaining fame so much that we have quite ignored the teachings of Islam. I think, it is a good effort by Model Joud to remind all of us about where do we belong to. I really appreciate the young lady for that.