Saudi Female Minister removes her face veil (Niqab) in Public

Living in the Kingdom we consider face veil as an obligatory thing and women cover themselves including their face whenever they move out in the public. No doubt to say that it looks modest as well as the women feel secure.

We are also aware of the fact, for few months some statements issued in the Kingdom indicates that Niqab or Burqa is not compulsory in Islam and soon the trend of wearing the black Burqa and hijab will come to an end.

Women are still puzzled whether they should follow this statement or not. However, it seems to be a rebel thing for women to take this stance. This move was taken by Dr. Haya Al-Awad a Deputy Minister for girl’s education who recently appeared in the public without her face veil.

This news wildly spread in the Kingdom and created a heated debate among the public. Previously Al-Awad used to wear her Niqab with a slit for her eyes whenever she appeared to the public.

Why she preferred to remove the Niqab, there were no details provided for her decision, but it was clear that she practiced her personal freedom but people totally disliked it.

Some people consequently said she might have removed her Niqab thinking it is not compulsory in Islam and were also worried that she is a public Government figure and her move will affect Saudi girls and women especially the young students for whom she is taken as a role model.

Most people attacked her for violating the laws and not keeping the religious and social traditions, she was criticized with offensive tweets while on the other side many writers, intellectuals, including many religious figures defended and praised her decision saying she did nothing wrong as Niqab is not compulsory in Islam.

Sulaiman Al-Tareefi, a religious preacher said, “Dr. Haya Al-Awad is living her life according to her beliefs within the framework of significant jurisprudence diversity and he further added our jurisprudents have decided that these matters of ijtihad cannot be dismissed.

Saud Al-Musaibeeh, a media, and education advisor also hailed Al-Awad’s decision for taking a stand to adopt the stance of religious scholars that permitted women to lift their Niqab.

A Saudi news site quoted, she is following what she believes is right apart from those what she has to bear from her haters.

Though there are also several people who like to attack every woman official just to incite the public against her although women have to be really careful about such agitation efforts generated by such people who are hiding behind the computer.

Abdullah Al-Ghadami a literary critic said that Al-Awad has followed an authorized religious view and has not violated any law but whoever attacked her would be violating jurisprudence rights.

 Al-Awad remained calm and posted a statement on her Twitter account saying she does not need anyone to defend her because she is sure she has not committed any mistake. She wished to go ahead and prosecute all those who have abused her

Dr. Raihan Ismail said Saudi women wear the niqab because she is taught to wear it as a religious obligation and she strongly believes in this while there are many women who are forced to wear face veil by their families.

Source: Gulf News

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