Khalid Al-Khudair: A hero who helped 36,000 Saudi Women to get a Job

Khalid Al-Khudair- a young entrepreneur who has spent much of his professional life battling for the women rights and to get them into a workplace in the conservative Kingdom, a long time before the Kingdom is transforming to a moderate one.

Al-Khudair is the World Economic Forum Young Leader and also the founder and CEO of Glowork organization which is an employment organization for the women of the Kingdom that aim to bring empowerment to women and increase diversity in Saudi workplace.

Al-Khudair is a man who has achieved the role of the chief operating officer at KMPG in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan at a very young age.

Glowork-the women’s recruitment and job agency was founded in 2011 when women employment participation rates in the Kingdom were at its lowest as compared to the world.  Al- Khudair founded Glowork with an aim of getting nearly 50,000 women to the workplace in the Kingdom and this was the target figure.

However, since the time of its formation, this foundation has, directly and indirectly, pushed nearly 36,000 women to work and its annual career fair opened its doors to more than 40,000 women annually.

Al-Khudair said, the amount of jobs for women that will be created through this law is quite immense, they can work in every field, including the car companies to police women and tow-truck drivers to mechanics all these industries are now open for women in the Kingdom.

He further hailed the Saudi leadership for including the educated youth and good points for the business and our society.

However, we all know about the Vision 2030 super headed by the Crown Prince which has also focused on women rights unveiling a string of new opportunities for them from the right to drive and run their own business to the freedom to attend public events.

Praising the vision 2030, Al-Khudair expressed, the things which were difficult for them in the Kingdom are now getting much easier and stressed that there is a need for women getting into employment and it should always continue because it is a global issue and even the entry level women need to be the senior position.

No doubt to say that Al Khubair was always ambitious but he is driven more by the will of Kingdom’s ruler and he believed that we can make women comprise 50 percent of the jobs market by 2030.

There are already positive signs seen in the Kingdom, Tamadur bin Youssef Al-Ramah was selected as the Deputy Labor Minister and Sarah Al-Suahimi was appointed as the chairperson of Kingdom’s stock exchange which are rare and high-level jobs for women.

Al-Khudair said that one of the main challenges to execute women’s employment national drive is bridging the skills gap between education and labor. He further said that the impending relaxation of laws surrounding part-time and freelance work will stimulate the employment market especially for women that are committed by their families.

The Government of the Kingdom is also planning to allow younger people to start working. There will come a time when more and more people will get into work and they will stop relying on their families and they will be given the option to become independent and work.

Al-Khudair the winner of Chaillot prize for Human rights and King Salman Award for Entrepreneurship, believes that working at early age shapes your life so it is important to start work at an early age and he also welcomed the recent move in the Kingdom to hold their own business license.

Source: Arab News

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