Saudi Arabia hosted first-ever women bicycling race competition

The fate of Saudi Arabia is gradually changing since the vision 2030 in being implemented. The vision 2030, which has been put forward by the Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. It has been well appreciated by the nation.

It does not only aim at making Saudi Arabia economically powerful but also aims at making necessary social changes that would help achieve the economic, political and defensive goals.  We know that women are a necessary part of our social and economic makeover.

However, since long, women were not being able to contribute towards economic uplift due to restricted social laws. The king ought that by moving the kingdom towards moderate Islamic ideology we can utilize women-force and help reap desired goals.

Women in Saudi Arabia are now being provided with more empowering opportunities. In offices, schools, hospitals or sports, women are being encouraged to step ahead. The world never believed that Saudi women will have interest in sports or they will be good at it.

Yet, the Saudi women have been able to tear apart the perceptions and have shown that they are sporty enough to be acknowledged. Now, Saudi Arabia has even hosted a bicycle women race. Never before, has this country hosted a bicycle event exclusively for women.  

The event was organized by “Be Active”. The event took place as a part of the celebration of World Health Day of the year 2018. The theme of the very international day is “Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere.”

47 female cyclist cycled over a distance of 10 kilometers over the Red Sea city of Jeddah. The winners were awarded cups and medals at the King Abdullah sports city by the General Sports Authority.

The participants were happy with the event. A year or two before, none could have imagined that Saudi women would be allowed to hold a cycling competition.

One of the overwhelmed participants asked the authorities to allocate space for women cyclist where they could practice their sport on daily basis. Raghd Mohammad, who is a university student, said that this competition has revived the concept of health, fitness, and sports among women.

People and participants have appreciated the general Sports Authority for holding such an event for women.  A few weeks back, the first women marathon was hosted in Makkah city. The event was made possible through the collaboration of Al Wehda Sports Club.

In March about 1500 women took part in the Al Ahsa’s mini-marathon for women in Al Ahsa. This event also marked history. About 2000 participants wanted to enter the marathon, yet the limitations did not allow the organizers to accept all participants.

It goes without saying that Saudi Arabia is not the Saudi Arabia people used to see 5 years ago. We have given rights and opportunities to women to stand side by side the men and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the country we call our home.

In June 2018, women are expected to get a driving license as well. It will also boost the automobile industry in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Gulf News

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