8 things to do if a Student is caught cheating in Saudi Arabia

Exams are always taken to measure the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the candidates but it is true that these exams also bring fear and stress to them. The hardworking students go through deep anxiety and stress while preparing for their exams and somehow they get the fruit of their hard work in good A grade result.

However, there are also some students among us who instead of preparing for their exam, waste their time to devise new cheating methods or materials to cheat and attain passing marks in their test.

The education ministry follows strict checking before exams, however, students are also strictly observed throughout their test by the group of invigilators and teachers, but still many pupils succeed in their plan to cheat during their exams.

There are a number of students that are caught cheating during their exams and it is also said that in Saudi Arabia a large number of students that are caught while cheating in the exams are brilliant students who struggle with their studies to get good marks and somehow choose cheating as a means to get good grades.

However, it is clear that if the student is found cheating throughout the exam, his paper is directly canceled or that paper will not be graded. The Saudi Ministry of Education has also specified eight strict steps to follow if the student is caught cheating for the first time or in any one of the question. The eight steps are as follow:

1-The student who is caught cheating should be escorted by the exam invigilator quietly outside the examination hall to some other place away from his friends to avoid making noise and his exam paper should be taken away from him and handed to the specialists.

2-The invigilator should capture an urgent photo of the student along with his cheating method or material and should be sent to the subject’s teacher.

3-The teacher should write a report of the cheating incident, specifying the section, subject, and question in which the pupil had apparently cheated enclosing the cheating method.

4-If the cheating method of the student includes answers to all the questions on the paper and the ones he had written when he was caught cheating should be considered and mentioned in the report so the decision should be deferred until the report is submitted to the committee.

5-The student should follow the instructions to sign a written undertaking in which he pledges not to cheat again.

6-If time permits, the student should be allowed to return to the examination hall to complete his paper.

7-The above-mentioned steps should be should be taken and completed quickly as fast as it can in order not to affect the student’s time.

8-The last step is that the answer to the question which is cheated should not get grades and most probably it should be given zero marks when the paper is marked.

I believe that Saudi Arabia has been making extensive efforts to improve the education system in Saudi Arabia. It is your people, not oil reserve which a country great and Saudi leaders have realized this fact.

Source: Arab News

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