Why has Black Panther been chosen as the first movie to show in Saudi Cinemas?

As we all know this very year cinema theatres are going to open in the Kingdom. In December 2017, the Ministry of Culture and Information allowed commercial cinema theatres to operate in the Kingdom. Now finally in 2018, the Officials have announced the final date to open the theaters in the Kingdom.

According to media sources, it is reported that 18th of April, the public of the Saudi Kingdom will be able to witness the opening of the first movie theatre in Riyadh after a long ban of more than 35 years.

After this news, the people of the Kingdom are excited to know the name of the first movie that will hit the theatres.  According to media sources, it was announced that the World’s largest film companies will be allowed to operate cinemas in the Kingdom.

It is also reported that Marvel’s superhero sci-fi adventure drama “Black Panther” is selected as the first movie to show in the theatres on 18 April in last 35 years. However, there are three main reasons for selection of this movie “Black Panther” to release in the Kingdom:

1-This movie is leading at the box office worldwide for few weeks.

2-This movie has also received vast critical acclaim.

3-This movie became one of the most profitable movies at the global box office in cinema history after its revenue crossed $1.27 billion.

“Black Panther” is said to be exhibited at King Abdul Aziz financial center in Riyadh where nearly 620 people can accommodate and watch the movie altogether for the first time under the license of American Operator AMC.

AMC has scheduled a special event for the historic opening of this first theatre. The American company officials announced the ticket of this show will be priced from 50 RIYALS.

However, this will be the first theatre in the Kingdom although it is expected to open nearly 350 cinemas with more than 25,000 screens by 2030.

And for the next five years, nearly 40 cinemas will be opened in 15 major cities of the Kingdom, according to the agreement signed between the Saudi Ministry of Cultural and Information and AMC.

However, since now the only movie theatre in the Kingdom was IMAX theatre which only showed few documentaries. The 32 million population of Saudi Arabia is mostly under the age of 30, and it is expected to be the region largest market for movie theatres.

Dr.  Awad bin Saleh Al Awad the spokesman of Ministry of Culture and Information said this granting of the first license will provide important investment opportunities for the Saudi Cinema Industry.

The cinema industry of Saudi Arabia is quite a small industry that only produces few feature films and few documentaries but now it is expected that it is going to progress in the next coming years after the opening of cinema theatres in the Kingdom.

It will bring a much-needed entertainment opportunity for all the residents of Saudi Arabia. I still don’t understand why people are afraid of cinemas.

Source: Al Arabiya

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