List of Authorized Agents by the Saudi Cultural Attache Islamabad, Pakistan

One of the active contributors to this blog Dr. Raza has shared the following information with us. I really appreciate his efforts to educate fellow expatriates with new updates.

The Email of Saudi Cultural Attache Islamabad, Pakistan is a very vital information as many applicants who are living in other cities do not know that they can send their scanned documents to Saudi cultural attache.

Therefore, if you think that this information is fruitful for other expatriates, you can share it with them. You need to contact Saudi Cultural Attache for many things especially for the Attestation of Degree for Saudi Arabia.

In Islamabad, Pakistan, there are few changes which are very important for the new applicants in Attache office to know before they go directly to attache.

Since June 2017, expatriates can’t go directly to attache in Islamabad for documents attestation like before they did. But now they have assigned officially a list of agencies which will only do documents attestations. Please have a look at the list.

People must go directly to these agencies with their documents for attestation which normally takes maximum 7 days (if no objection), otherwise 2 weeks.

In order to protect the new applicants from paying extra money for documents attestation by agencies, attache has announced Rs. 1,200 per document charges. It means the applicants must not be robbed by the agencies.