Your father has died – TV guest told during the live show

We have often seen many television channels and news anchor degrading and disrespecting many people just for the sake of their rating and to earn fame for their channel and sometimes also for the sake of few pennies.

However, we can also say that this has become a business nowadays. A private Saudi television channel Bedaya TV has waded into an argument and legal complications after an unusual event happened in its reality show.

Living in the Kingdom you might be aware of the news when Bedaya television was broadcasting its reality show when the producer approached one of the participants named Ebrahim Awad of his show and held his hand to make him aware of a shocking incident related to his life.

Ebrahim was confused and trying to make senses of the unexpected situation and then the producer directly informed him about his father death on a live TV show without supporting or consoling him.

This was a horrific news for Ebrahim and could not believe and started jumping and shouting in the studio while some of the staff sought out to calm him down.

However, the social media users condemned the incident and were totally shocked and also demanded harsh punishment against the channel and the reality programme crew.

Along with condemning messages people also criticized the channel for failing to provide respect to the participant, his family, and all the viewers. Many social media users expressed that the host should have to be considerate, compassionate and careful with his feelings.

It was wrong to shock him bluntly on live television. The channel should have to be truly supportive instead of disgracing his feeling and selecting him as the part of their reality show.

Many users said that Bedaya TV showed rude and unbearable behavior toward the participant and his family hence it should be shut down because the staff was totally inconsiderate and unprofessional in their behavior.

A legal consultant Abdul Karim Al Qadhi said that this channel could be legally asked to apologize and issue a pledge that such breach of privacy would not be repeated again.

However, Bedaya TV dissolves its management and reacted saying what all happened was not a part its policy and insisted that the producer and staff of the show reacted on their own.

It further stressed that this channel is truly keen to respect the feelings of all its people and an investigation has been launched to determine the responsibilities.

The channel affirmed its policy of serving society, consolidating positive values and principles respecting participants and viewers and protecting social fabric

2 people have already been suspended from the work and are being investigated and whoever would be found guilty he will be sacked.

However, later news confirmed that Bedaya TV sacked the producer and his assistant and a new content manager and a director was appointed to seek out the damage caused to its reputation.

However, it was reported that the decision to sack the management and dismiss the staff was taken after an investigation.

Source: Gulf News

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