Never cross these 3 lines in Saudi Arabia and nobody would touch you – Crown Prince

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman a young and compassionate leader of the Kingdom who is already making efforts to transform the Kingdom and boost its economy recently talked about the freedom of Saudis in a wide-range interview to the Atlantic Editor in Chief Jeffery Goldberg.

Toward the end of his interview that was published recently, he narrated a statement that everyone in the Kingdom can write whatever they wanted to write and speak according to their will except for the three red lines.

What are these three red lines?  The Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman issued a statement which shortly described the freedom and rights that every citizen possesses. According to his statement, the three red lines were Islam, personal attacks, and national security.

Every Saudi or Saudi resident while expressing his opinion in the public should restrain themselves to reach these three lines. Which is not based on the interest of Government but is rather based upon the interest of people.

1-Islam: The first line is Islam. As a citizen of Kingdom, you cannot defame Islam. Everyone is free to write and speak everything but should not try to reach this line. We have seen an Indian being arrested in Saudi Arabia over Haram Temple Photo.

2-Personal Attacks: This is the second line. The Crown Prince Bin Salman said, in America, you can attack a person his company or a minister or his ministry but Saudi rules are quite different.

In Saudi Arabia, you can attack a company or a ministry but you will never be allowed to attack a person or a minister, because of Saudi culture. Saudi culture doesn’t allow to attack a person and they like to leave the personal issue out of it. This is the part of Saudi Culture.

3-National Security: The third line is the national security. The young Prince said the USA is living in an area which is surrounded by Mexico, Canada, the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.

Saudi Arabia has ISIS, al-Qaid, Hezbollah and the Iranian Regime and even pirate that hijack ships in its surrounding. We cannot risk in Saudi Arabia to say or write anything that touches the national security.

We know what is happening in Iraq and we don’t want to see such things happening in the Saudi Kingdom. No doubt, Saudi Arabia is perhaps the safest country to live in for its residents.

The young Saudi Leader further stressed that other than the above mentioned red lines, our people have the freedom to do whatever they want to do. We did not block Twitter or access to social media.

All these social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat. Name it, is open to all the Saudis. KSA has the highest percentage of people around the world using social media.

In Iran and many other countries, social media sites are usually blocked for its people. But in Saudi Arabia it is quite different, every Saudi citizen has free access to whatever media around the world.

Source: Al Arabiya

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