6 employees made 6 different plans to steal SR 369,000 from their company

A very strange news was reported from a private sector Company. It is unbelievable that living in an Islamic Country where strict laws and punishments are implemented soon and no offender is left to escape with his crime, there are still many people who commit a big crime.

They hope that they will be able to run away from the Saudi authorities or police whom I basically appreciate their keen work and strong efforts to arrest the criminals.

The strange news reports that 6 private sector employees were involved in Stealing a large amount of money and were arrested. They all were accused by the Bureau of Public Prosecution for stealing SR 369,000 from the company they work for.

Employee 1: The bureau further revealed their crimes defining that the first employee is accused of money laundering who stole and transferred SR 36,250 to different accounts outside the Kingdom.

Employee 2: The second employee is accused of stealing SR 90,000 from the company with the help of the company’s ex-accountants.

They stole the money by forging bills and charging the company for false payments. The second employee also admitted his crime and said he spent most of the money on buying a car.

Employee 3: The third employee is accused of hacking the company’s account after leaving the company and he was the helper of the second employee who stole SR 90,000 from the company.

He too confessed to his crime corroborating the blames and also said that the second employee gave him the full amount for his help.

Employee 4: The Fourth employee is accused of stealing SR30,000 from the company. He also admitted his crime of stealing money and said he kept the money in his own home.

Employee 5: The fifth employee is accused of stealing SR 30,000 from the company

Employee 6: The sixth employee is accused of stealing SR183,000 from the company. The sixth employee admitted to his crime stating that he forwarded SR100,000 of the stolen amount to his father’s account because he did not have a bank account.

The Bureau of the public prosecution stated all these employees would be sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment and will also be fined with SR5 million for their crimes.

The Bureau also planned to recover the money from the employees and they will not the employees to keep any amount of it.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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