The First ever Transgender news anchor starts working in Pakistan

A very unusual incident was reported on 23rd March from a Muslim majority country Pakistan. The people of Pakistan witnessed their first ever transgender news anchor on private television for the first time throughout their history.

The people of Pakistan were shocked to hear and see this as they had never heard or seen this before. Transgender people are always deprived off their right in many countries.

Pakistan is a country where, when a transgender is born, parents feel ashamed and try to get rid of them by donating them to the transgender community where they spend rest of their life living unfamiliar about their family.

It is a sad reality of our society that they are neither provided with education and nor they are granted jobs and at the end, they are forced to select the profession of dancing and begging on the roads where they are always ridiculed and mocked.

Pakistan never included transgender in their Census before 2017. 2017 was the year when Transgenders were included in the Census for the first time and according to the reports of the Census 2017, there were an estimated 10,000 individuals who were identified as transgender.

Marvia Malik a 21-year old transgender became the first transgender journalist made her first on-air appearance on 23rd March.  She is known as the country’s first ever transgender woman to become a news anchor and broadcast news.

A trainee at a private Lahore-based news channel, Kohinoor News talked with CNN and described that Marvia Malik had applied for this position to prove that people from the transgender community are capable of any job and can do anything they want.

Marvia while talking to the media said she wanted to show the country that we are more than objects of ridicule and we are also human beings. The owner of Kohinoor News Junaid Ansari said Marvia Malik was selected on merit, not on gender issues.

However, during her interview with VOA news, Malik explained that her journey to pursue her Journalism degree was not an easy one. Marvia explained, in a country like Pakistan, transgenders are always mocked and they expect to earn their livelihood by dancing and begging on the streets or working in the sex trade.

She described that her family never supported her. She did some unskilled jobs on her own and continued her studies. She said I always wished to become a news anchor and my dream came true when I was selected by this channel.

Pakistan was a country where Transgender was always deprived off their rights but recently Pakistan’s Senate passed a bill to protect the transgender people ensuring to provide them the right to determine their own gender identity.

However, the people of Pakistan totally appreciated this move and stress that transgenders should be provided with equal rights and equal opportunities so that they could earn a better living rather than begging and dancing in the streets they too deserve education and respect.

Many social media users congratulated Marvia Malik and also motivated her for her work. It was also claimed that before getting selected as News anchor Marvia Malik worked as a first transgender model who walked on the ramp at Pakistan Fashion Design Council.

Source: CNN

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